May 27, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish


The Collective


Dear ones, we are at the threshold of still another transformation that will bring us in tune with another part of us. It is a truth that we are part of the universe and in that truth is the fact that we are affected by all of the universe, every part of it, every nuance of action that takes place in the universe affects each and every lifeform. As this transformation takes place we experience many effects and we find that as we come through these causes we grow and we evolve in a way that is sequential and easily moved through in many cases.


However there are those events in which we are given the challenges that contribute to our welfare and our jump forward that certain phases of our evolvement require. We are up to the task, for Spirit would not send them our way, or ordain them, if it were not so. We are created from the original seed of the Source and in that legacy lies the ability for unlimited transformation.


At this time earth is experiencing an effect from its moon. This orb that is a part of earth’s rotational orbit is undergoing a return to its original state from before it was the solitary vessel for earth’s rotational partner. At one time, there was another vessel orbiting with the moon, a second moon that held the feminine energies; the moon that we see now in the night sky holds the masculine energies. When earth was first created from the split of Tiamat there were two moons held in place by the gravitational pull of one to the other. It was a sequential part of the rotation of the planet, kept in place by the oneness of its energy.


When the idea of duality was in its early stages it was held together by its inherited influence of oneness, and as the duality idea began to take hold more and more the events of earth and its relativity with the two moons began to change, till finally the feminine moon began to descend toward earth, disrupting that sequential relationship with itself and earth. This caused that moon to disappear and leave the orbit. It was a blinding flash of light that in the influence and relativity on earth seemed to be an explosion, scattering all of the pieces in blinding particles of light. That moon simply could not remain in the changing energy of duality and in its resistance to that energy it remained in the higher dimension.


What caused the seeming explosion was the resistance that earth was putting up to the change as it descended to the lower dimensionality of duality. It was what you would consider the upcoming zero point in reverse. Realize that as energy falls away from itself it creates a larger field of resistance, thus the visible explosion. As energy rises it is returning to its original higher state, thus the return meets with no resistance and there is no explosion; it is an instant return to oneness. That period on one side of the zero point and on the other side of it, can seem as years, millennium; it is what is known as the middle times of ascension. It is governed by the actions, choices of duality, therefore is influenced by the idea of time. Once on the other side, the higher side of zero point, the influence begins to fall away, and all is awakening to the original state of being, with one difference. That difference is in the experience that has been garnered over the time of duality, along with all expression since the origin of creation.


Where are we now, you wonder? We are before the return to the higher side; we are ever so close to the return to oneness. When you consider all that has come before and all that is yet to come, it is but a blink of the eye that explains where we are in the whole picture. We are undergoing all of the influences of the earth to the moons, the rest of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. Because of this we are experiencing the same kind of changes and influences, one to the other of our bodies and the intricacies of them. In this is included the body of earth, Gaia. All of the changes that we are undergoing are all influenced by the gravitational, relativity, one to the other, of this changing, evolving existence. So when you feel these changes, when you see them happening, know that it is all part of the evolvement of the universal order and that we will all remain in our places in the evolvement. We will not be uncreated, non-existent. We will simply be what we as a whole unified body will be, what our intention is for the whole. Individually it will translate in our lives in the way that is intended. We will go on to express in that intent forever, and we will be a part of the grand evolutionary expansion of our beingness into infinity.


We suggest that you all carry on and know that what comes your way is beautiful and is part of what you have chosen for the evolution that is taking place. Look around you at the beauty that is in your world and know that they are shining examples of what you have created through your infinite Mind. Know that as you continue through this process, you are building a beautiful ‘new to you’ world that will be in perfect sequence with the rest of the universe. There is nothing that is wrong in your world; it is simply part of what you create. If it is not to your liking, then you can change it. If you didn’t have a hand in its creation in your world, then it would not be in your world. It is that simple. That is the freeing fact that you are endowed with. You can create your world in any way that you desire and intend. So when you look around you, when you feel what your body is feeling, know that you were part of its creation, and you will see the power you have to create your world the way that you desire for it to be.


We leave this message now and sit back in wonder, and watch as you go forth in the beauty that you are. Happy creations make for a happy world.


Thank you dear Collective,

Love, Nancy Tate