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When you wake up in the morning and you find yourself wondering where do I go from here, just take a look around and know that you are exactly where you belong in the moment and that all good things will come to you unbidden and familiar in nature. When you fully realize that, then you will appreciate that which is in front of you as the impetus for the next moment.


You can create from this moment that which is pleasing and beneficial to you. You can say to yourself that there is nothing that I cannot do that will lack in kindness, joy, and gratitude for life. As you move forward in your day and find the sun is shining just a little brighter and the glare of its brightness is gone, then you know that you are walking in the gentle rays of your own inner glow.


Take a moment as you look upon the headlines of the day and know that what you see is but a covering on the grandeur of the moment. Know that what is presented to you through the media and on the screens of the multifaceted world is all designed to challenge your ideas of material importance. They are in your reality in order for you to see what they present in a different way. In this way you will be able to see that it is all presented for your entertainment, and in that you will find amusement, and a setting apart from your world that which seeks to be your world.


Look to your neighbor and see how you fit perfectly within the scope of his life. See how you are placed in the perfect spot to relate to him and to see the reflection of your life glowing forth on his face and in her smile. See the similarities that you each hold to each other, though you may not even know each other by name or habit. See that there is a familiar grace between you and that it begins with your choice of where to set down your home and relate to the community. There is a reason that you chose that place, the surroundings that have effect on your daily lives. In this you can find common ground through which to build a foundation of respect and caring, no matter what seems to be emitting forth from the surface.


Look now to the outside world, that which seems to have too far-reaching grounds to have effect on your daily life. See that there is what is perceived as thousands of miles between you, when in fact there is no distance, no difference in who you are on the inside. You are all connected with the silver threads of the Spirit, the soft golden rays of the inner heart of creation. Though the woman in the flowing robe and face scarf seems to be on the other side of the globe, in the inner world she is by your side and breathing the same air that you breathe.


Do you share her promise of wearing the air of antiquity, or do you see her as being a part of the old times on earth, not part of todayís world? Do you take a moment with eyes closed and breath in her world and feel her energy? Do you feel the beating of her heart and the inner language through which she communicates her love for what she is following in her world? Do you feel her destiny unfolding within the scope of ancient times, as they are in todayís moment? If you can do all this, then you are being your trueness, and are fulfilling the inner promise that you made as you came forth on the sands of the earth and walked forward in the destined journey that you agreed upon a moment ago when you awoke to the moment that you are living right now.


We have come full circle, you say. We have come back from the living of the ages and the trying of the soulís promise, yet we still stand right where we did an eon ago, or was it a moment ago? Look around you again, there in your room amoung your treasured artifacts. Does it look any different to you? Do you now view it from a different perspective? Whisper in your ear as you gaze upon the reflection of that familiar face in the mirror on the wall. Are you the same person who laid your head down and closed your eyes a moment or two ago? Or do you see the ages of time marching by your gaze as you soften it to the ravages of what are seen to be time?


Now look more closely; gaze into your eyes. Do you see the real you, testing the waters of your own timelessness? That is where you are; that is the real you, timeless, ageless, soft and powerful, able to create anything that you desire and intend for your life.


You go forward now in your daily life and create the miracles which identify themselves as the example to the world of the Oneness that you all are, in the individual expression of the language of the soul acting out the potential of the Spirit song within each and every one of you.


I am Avenda, and I walk with you in Spirit and song as we all dance through life in the energy of The Creation, from whence we came.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate