Wakeup Call Message
May 31, 2005


Hatonn: Special Message,  May 31, 05


Nancy: What can you tell us about what St Germain said the other day about when NESARA will be announced?


Hatonn: As St Germain said the other day, NESARA will be officially announced at which time the fifth dimensional energies are most ripe for transition. This means that with the advent of so many who are aware of the involvement of the present regime in 9/11 there will come an increase in the vibration of the people and all of life on the planet.


It is what you may consider a hundredth monkey, of sorts, in that when all those who know of this and of NESARA will find that they are filled with a joy and a peacefulness that goes beyond words. That is what will bring the basis of the fifth dimension to this reality.


This transformation will be sprouted on the wings of the proceedings that tells those who have waited for so long that there is truly a miracle afoot, and that from now on miracles will be everyday occurrences that to all of you were once considered extraordinary events.


We realize that when NESARA was first signed into law, there appeared to be a certain order that was to follow the announcement. However, because of the flow of events from that time to this we have seen the necessity to allow that flow to be changed and diverted to one that better suits the times.


We are in the process of ordering a certain amount of the issues associated with NESARA to come forward before the actual announcement, for to present the fullness of it would be premature in the institution of certain of its points. This we have seen and allowed the adjustment of in order to more appropriately bring it all forward into action.


This will all be made clear and you will see why this has taken the turn it has. There will be no part of NESARA that will be left out or pushed to the side. Indeed it has been enhanced to reflect the newness of the day, and of the energies that are coming, upon the truth coming out and the people changing because of it.


If we were to spell out these changes and the reasons for them at this point, we would be jeopardizing the very process of bringing this all together. So please bear with us, and realize that as we can inform you of certain developments we will.


We are most pleased and heartened with the way things are working, and we ask that you take every opportunity to thank yourselves for the energy that you have sent our way, for it has given us great inspiration and knowledge of your intent. We have seen the vibratory rate of all of you make the difference in our abilities to do what must be done.


We thank you all very much, and we offer up our heartfelt love for all of you.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate