Wakeup Call Message
May 26, 2005


 Special Message:


My dear, thank you for your quick response. I wish to tell you that there is taking place in Washington something that requires that all of you put out a call to heaven to assimilate the energies of clearing for the ones who are entering the White House right now.


We wish to ask you to send this out to your list and far and wide, for this is a time when we require all of the direct intent for the coming forward of the story of 9/11.


Right now the ones who will be telling what they know are in the position where they need your assistance to back them up with your energy of permission and of intent for this information to come forward. This is vital that there be a direct statement of intent for this purpose.


We ask that you write this in your message for all to repeat.


We the people of planet earth do require and direct those who have evidence as to the complicity of certain ones in the 9/11 incident to come forward now unopposed and present this information for publication.


We further intend and state that we are including the ones who will carry this information to the ultimate justice of the land. We thank the forces of light and the ones who are joining in this requirement and intent.


We are the people of the planet earth, and we stand united in this cause.


This is requested by the undersigned:


Brought forth from Commanders Hatonn and Korton, Masters St. Germain and Sananda, and all the members of the Galactic federation.