Wakeup Call Message
May 02 , 2005





When you wake up in the morning and you get on out of bed,

And you see a rainbow coming and it ends right at your head,


Do you recognize that somewhere there is a pot of gold;

And in that place is treasured the face and time of old?


Then go and come together and see the days of old

When seeds were planted for now when tales of woe are told.


Then see the rainbow come round and show for hearts of all

That sunshine is here and no more tears shall fall.


For we are peace and love now and no more tales of woe

Shall gather themselves to us and speak of days of old.


We sail on into sunlight and gather to our breast

A cheerful song of love now and bring us all to rest


Upon the bosom of Gaia and gather where we may

The nurturance that supplies the earth with love upon this day.


Good day, my dear ones, I AM Sananda, and I come to you with a song that you may sing in your hearts. It is a glorious song, and it tells of the love that is unbounded right here and right now for everyone.


My dears I tell you that you may gather to yourselves a bundle of light and allow it to manifest into a bounty of intent for light to prevail in your lives. You may see that here are no secrets except those you keep from yourself, and so you may see those come into the open and release the understanding into manifestation in your lives as surely as you are living in the light of the Creator.


When I came to earth before, it was for the purpose of bringing a new understanding to the people of earth. I come once again through every one of you, and in this coming I bring the presence of God to every living thing and being on planet earth.


You have heard us talk many times of the unitedness of all. You have seen us perform our miracles by telling you that you can do that as we do. You have listened and you are performing miracles in the name of the light from which you operate and affirm that you are Gods.


Release to the winds of change your ideas for a golden new age of love and expression in the light. All you need do is call it into your being and then live the results of that calling. Know that you are masters and that when masters speak, miracles abound. There is no impossibility when it comes to strength in your purpose and a sureness in your step.


We observe the steps you take, and we see that your baby steps are long behind you. You are walking in the surety that dispels any floundering that may try to show its way into your journey. You feel us walking with you, and it feels right and good.


We love the unitedness that we are with you. For it is as a coming home that we walk together and form a united front in the last remaining illusory shadows of the past. We walk in the sunlight of today, and tomorrow beckons on the horizon with a glorious sunrise of peace and joy living in the hearts of man forevermore.


We sing to you through the day and into the night, and we see how much you love your fellow man, and how much strength you have to overcome any barriers that may seem to fall into place in front of you. We see you dissolve them with your love and we see you in the creation of the New Jerusalem. It is Holy indeed.


Go on now with your day, and see that rainbow that has come and found home for the pot of gold right at your third eye, for it is at last coming home to rest in peaceful waters.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate