Wakeup Call Message
May 31 , 2005





My dear ones, this is a morning that beats all others in that it is going to catch the rays of sun that shine down on your world and render them love to the center of Mother Earth. With this love comes the truth that is stored within the crystals and within the crystalline hearts of all who live within the center of the earth and those who reside on the surface.


Good day, my friends, I AM Sananda, and with this message I wish to take a journey with you. This is a journey through time to a place of earth that in this present time is in great turmoil. I take you now to the country on the North American continent that is called the United States of America. I take you to its future.


Within the homes of this country in the future are the many and various people who make up the citizenry of this mighty nation. Within their hearts are the rays of sun that are at present shining forth into the center of the earth. These rays have been renewing themselves continually over the time since that morn in 2005 when I gave my intent for them to do so. This is not an act I did myself, for I was bringing an intent that I had been served with by all of you on planet earth.


That day was a day of joy for me, for in that act of setting the vibration of oneness with the galactic sun and the central sun there came to pass an energy so profound as to render time on earth a timetable reckoned with by the people of earth. What this means is that on that day in 2005 there were enough people on earth to see that there is a fifth dimensionality that can be just around the corner, and that they can live it as surely as we see in the future that they are.


Now back to the future; with these hands that represent all of you, I give the meaning to the ages of the type of life that is being lived. What I present is that in this life of the future there is a lot of difference in some respects, and not so much in others. What we see are people walking around with a smile on their face, and a gleam in their eyes. We see them busily at work with the various means of bringing a new cleanliness to their planet.


We see that they are finding new energy to produce the industry that is being introduced to their world. This new industry is the kind that produces engines that operate from the air, yes from the energetic grid that is the Everything. Did you know that this exists, and did you know that we can tap into it and produce all the power that we desire to utilize, and it doesn’t cost anything?


We also see that the children are being taught in classrooms that resemble a greenhouse, or a park. They are assuming different roles and are being the teacher and the student, as are the teachers. The subjects that are being taught are about love, and the true history, and the recesses of the mind and what they store. They are being taught how to make this world one in which they can unite all together into a well organized and freely flowing unit of life in the realms of love and compassion.


We walk among the people and listen to their talk. We hear not one word about how difficult it is to make a living, for they are now doing what they love to do, it is their play that they talk about. Also we hear and see in their aura how grateful they are that they are being given this new world and that they are building it, rather than have someone build what they think the others should want.  We see that they have no want and no lack, for they have all the funds by which they can build this new life and this new world that they are creating from their love of themselves and All There Is.


The people are in love with their new Mother Gaia. They respect and keep her clean. They love her and they do regular celebration to honor the home that she gives them. They sit by her waters and listen to the language that she speaks through the nuances of her flow. They feel the lushness of her foliage and they send their hearts out toward the leaves and the flowers in homage to their messages that are transmitted through the oneness that is the All.


Yes, people are able to listen and feel and communicate with the plant, animal, and mineral kingdom. This they picked up very early on after they were introduced to the rest of their family from out in the cosmos. We, their other family gave them the insight through which they could find their true identity. We showed them that they are masters just as we are, and that they came here long, long ago to lead this life of amnesia in order to bring a new depth to the meaning and experience of love. We came here not that long ago, and told them they were no longer entrapped by their own forgetfulness. Then we began to help them remember and open up to who they really are.


When we came, we brought with us a truth that they were ready for. We came after they were told the truth about the world they had been living in, and the people they had entrusted with their lives in society. We came when they thought that they could no longer go on and find the trust to give their lives another chance. How could they ever give their lives over to another after what they learned the others had done with that trust?


We came and began the journey with them to pick up the pieces and listen to their hearts. We came and assisted them to search the depths of their souls for the answers that made sense of this whole mess. Some of them were on the brink of despair and death, and they took another look and saw that there was a ray of hope and that they were not alone.


Teachers came and told them of how it had all happened. They told them of the eons of gradual and sure brainwashing that had been accomplished. And we told them of the ones who had chosen to come into the lifetimes and serve the cause of truth. We showed them in holographic pictures how much of this had been done. We shared with them the reasons that many of the deeds that had been perpetrated against humanity had started from seeds in the days of the Sumerians and back even way before that.


The people felt a tug in their hearts and their souls. They listened and through the tears of despair they heard a gentle voice from within say to them, “This is your story, and if you listen well, you will remember, and you will tell them some of what they are telling you.” The people knew this was their infinite love that was speaking to them, and they did listen. They listened, for the alternative would have been torture. They knew that this was the voice of their destiny, and so not only did they listen, they shared with others.


Soon a new ray of hope shone forth from the center of the earth. This same ray of sun had entered the earth and come round to envelop the people of the earth, and all of life on earth, with the truth of the ray of light that was in their hearts. The people allowed this ray to shine throughout their beingness, and soon they were crying and laughing and sweeping each other in their arms.


Then they turned their attention to the ones whom they had learned had betrayed and treated them so unjustly. They turned and they cried in their arms, for they knew that those ones had not known what they were doing. They knew that they had been following an ancient promise and that the promise had gone awry. They knew that had they fallen so desperately, and that they too would have been caught in the shadows that keep them so enthralled with their own darkness.


The people loved these ones for the sacrifice they made. They knew that the hate they had felt for them so short a time ago was the end of the old way of being. They forgave themselves that hate, and they forgave the ones they had directed it to. They saw that they had strayed so far from the truth that they could not find their way back without the help of those who remembered.


This is what we are living now in this future. We are living the result of that forgiveness, and it is grand. We are on the way to that bright, clean, sparkling new world that is the fifth dimensionality and on into the higher realms. We are awake and we are living the forgiveness, which spells itself in forgetfulness of the deeds of amnesia.


All is serving The Source as the Source serves all. There is no other place in this universe where it is more profound that that. This is the resolution of the Divine Plan that has been overridden through the Divine Will of the people. So great is their love for the Divine Father that they gave away their old plan for the destruction of this planet and came to recognize that the only true ending for this planet and those on it was not to do an ending, but to transform and transmute their world in the eyes and the image of The Father, The True Source of all.


The ultimate lesson has been learned by all; and this is the threshold on which you all stand right now. Which reality are you choosing? Are you coming with me? We are going to the promised land, and there is plenty of room for us all.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate