Wakeup Call Message
May 17 , 2005





My dear ones, this is a day for counting your blessings, and then for looking into the future and knowing that it has just begun. I AM Sananda, and with these words I begin a message that may make you stop and think, and then again may encourage you to go forward and act on it.


I have come this morning to let you in on a bit of news that may be encouraging and yet may make you pause for a breath in the telling. When I came to this one this morning, I came in a cloud. I came to offer a message to her via her telepathic abilities. She responded and now I give her the second message of the day.


Consider the importance of this message to be that of what you take in any given day and ponder for yourself, what you hear and allow your intuitive response to guide you to the understanding of. For what I AM about to tell you is a message of importance not only for you, but also for the whole world.


I begin with the idea of closed ships, and open hearts. I begin with the news that there are plenty in this world that answer that description. Now I will tell you that there is more to the story. Consider the idea of closed ships; you are wondering what I refer to. What I AM saying is that till now the cloudships that you see in the sky have been closed to your knowledge as far as what they may contain and who they may carry.


You have had ideas and you have heard accounts of those who have visited them from earth. Now I tell you that at one time or another each of you have been on board one of these ships, and with that visitation, you have received some instruction that you left in our care eons ago.


Yes, you left your own plan for this time in our hands and now you have come to reclaim it for your work at this time. You knew when you began this plan on earth that this day would come and that from that time on your world would turn upside down and round about. You knew that when the dust settled you would be in the place that you planned those eons ago.


This is where the open hearts comes in. You all feel it, donít you? You all feel the openness and the rightness of it. You know that new times are upon you, and you feel the changes already taking place within your DNA. This is the molecular structure of your physicalness that is being affected. The changes that identify themselves in maladies and discomforts are in many cases temporary and of limited severity.


In some other cases they are more intense. Realize my dear ones that we stand by to administer whatever your soul calls for to release these energies from your bodies. We are here to see to it that you are able to progress through this change in as comfortable a way as you call for, on a soul level.


For this reason I suggest that you in your meditations ask your soul what the purpose is at this time for any discomfort or malady that you may be experiencing. As you listen to your own soulís particular language know that the answer is in your best interest. Then ask how you can further the resolution of that condition, so that you may be able to go forward and release the imbalance from your field.


This is how you live your sovereignty. This is how you take control in your Godliness of your future and the way you live it. This is the time for you to allow what the truth gives you, and to know that you are an integral part of this awakening period. You all have your part, and none is more significant than another.


This leads me to another point, that of the funds that you have been waiting for. I tell you now that you are in line for those funds to come to you. I tell you that this is part of your plan for this time. When your soul tells you that you are ready for these funds, then you will have them. Believe what your soul tells you, and be in acceptance. Then tell your soul that you are ready to do what must be done to carry your mission forth and do what you came here to do. This is the way of masters; this is the way to lead your destiny into completion.


Be of gentle heart and strong stature. Guide the events of your life through the inner guidance that comes with your acceptance of what is. This is the road to your fulfillment, and when you walk that road you have the masters and the angels on each side of you ready to catch you if you should stumble. Your path has been long and arduous, and we know that the way may still hold a challenge or two. That is why we are here with you in great numbers to assist you to the golden throne that beckons you home.


I have one more thing to share with you this day, and it is that you gave me a promise one day long, long ago. That was that one the day we come together again and take each other in a tender embrace, we would never again part.


I hold you to that promise and I smile with the thought of it. What comes together in love, is always joined and in a state of oneness. I treasure that thought and I see it on the horizon. I shall walk among you and we shall play in fields of daisies. And when we do, it will be as if we never parted.


I love you all so much, and when we meet again the trumpets will ring and the angels will sing and forevermore love will fill the air. Go now into your new day, and gather the blessings to your bosom.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate