Wakeup Call Message
May 30, 2005


 St. Germain 


I give you the shining example of the work of the God Jehoseph. I bring to you the truth of the mighty Archangel Michael. This is the word of the heavenly prophet that is you and that is I and all of creation. I AM St Germain who is bringing you this information, and I would bring this to you in the highest of energies and the simplest of ways.


This is a time of great reporting and wondrous affiliation with The Creator. This is a time when there is to be no mistaking who is the king of the everlasting ones. It is you my dear ones, for all is the mightiest and all is the one.


Bring me to your heart and I shall bring you to the truth. This is the way of the Masters and it is thus. I see that you have questions my dear ones, and answers come with your bidding. Explore the nuances of your minds and bear witness to what comes from the flow of information. This is where the truth of your command lies.


I shall give you only the truth, as you have given it to me. I shall bear your witness as you have asked that I do. In this instance, I shall give you the wonder of that which you have bestowed upon me for safe-keeping. I shall allow the truth of your saying to reflect in my words and to render you awake unto the knowing.


I hear the first question, which is of the issue of NESARA. This is a question foremost on the lips of many, and they would see that the truth of that issue is upon you. Never in the history of this society on earth has a question so impregnated the hearts and minds of so many.


What I have to say to you is this; I see that with a sustained amount of exposure to some important truths that will implicate certain ones on the North American continent, there will come a change within the system of the USA so profound as to reverberate around the world.


With this change will come echoes of a dying society and the reviving will of the people to match their will to that of The Creator. With this will come as well the changes that meld with the heart and the society into a oneness of intent that shall produce the enlightenment that is intended.


This is not what you wanted to hear, or not the entirety, I realize, for what you wanted is a date, is it not? My dear ones I shall give you a date when the announcement comes to the front. I would like to tell you more right now about that date, however out of respect for your ability to comprehend that I have not the date I decline to come forward with something that is not of this dimensionality.


You see, we are on the way from the fourth D to the fifth, and until that measure is made there can be no announcement, for the deliverance of this issue is of the 5th D. I have seen the deliverance and it is grand. It is the impetus that is created from the 3-4D reality of the coming forward of the truths about the incident that took so many from the streets of NYC and delivered them back to the Father.


Yes, my dear ones, this is what this will accomplish, for once the people of the country and of the world know of this truth, they will respond with a lightening that will deliver them to the higher truth that will propel them into the deliverance of their own truth.


Think of this for a moment. Think of how it will be to find that the ones with whom you have entrusted the guardianship of your world have been revealed to have betrayed that trust. Think of how that can tear a personís world into shreds, were it not for the ones who stand at the ready to lend their support and compassion to the shrinking of the faith of so many.


Think of all the beautiful lightwork that has been taking place for these many years, and think of the caress of the tender truth of love and compassion that is contained in every heart of those who have supported and worked in the light of the heavens. Realize that there is nothing that can deter the light from delivering the truth to the hearts and souls of all who look upon the countenance of God and see themselves reflected in that light.


Think now of those who have not seen that light, or who have thought it to be something else, and from another source. Would they not be confused and searching for guidance? Would this then give them the opportunity to listen to what their God says to them, and deliver the truth in a way that they can believe?


My dear ones, their God and yours are the same. There is one Source, and that is the Source for all. This is the truth that springs forth in every instance and in every heart. With this Source comes the recognition, upon the intent of the believer, of the truth of all that is covered in the words and sights of the truth as it comes into the light of the beholder.


With the deliverance of the earth and her people into the fifth dimension, comes a new way of perception. This is the time of the solar disk that precedes the almighty truth as is perceived by all. With this disk comes the light of the new dispensation, and the truth of the mighty wizard of the cosmic plane of understanding.


I am that wizard, as are all of you. Together we stand in the light of the most radiant and in looking round see that the light engulfs all that is. As the deliverance of the truth of what took place in the country known as the USA, and the implications it holds for the people of the world, comes the self-realization of what lies within and how to deliver the truth into the dearest of hearts, and find the cushion of compassion that keeps one from spinning out of control.


My dear ones, this is what I came to share with you today, and with this news I see already the light of understanding brightening within so many of you. You see the power of this time in the history of the earth, and now you understand why there can be no date that would prove itself to be binding until the words are sent out to all of humanity. This we have seen and this we bring to you at that time when all are ready to hear, for at that time all will allow the truth to set free the encumbrances to the light of the soul.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate