Wakeup Call Message
May 12, 2005


 Hi Everyone,


Itís been a whirlwind of activity that Bob and I have been involved with, and now we seem to be slowing down and smelling the roses once again. Todayís message is a bright ray of sunshine in our life, and just the thing for these times.


Know that we love you all, and that we are right there with you in this wondrous time that we are in.








My dear ones come to me and I shall tell you of a story that is unlike any other. This is a story that surpasses all understanding and all reason, for this story tells of the regeneration of the species of man.


I AM Kuthumi, and in this story, I give you many instances in which there is cause to wonder, and cause to doubt. However in these causes you may also find that there is cause to believe at a level that bespeaks the universal energy of beingness.


Now the story begins. It begins with a starry sky and a window full of delight. In this window is the solar flare of the cosmic awakening. With this awakening a dream is born and the celestial battle of the ages is no more.


Peaceful times are upon us, and with these times comes a resonance that encaptures the hearts of all who gaze upon its radiance. In this radiance stillness is born, and with that stillness lies the secret to the ages.


We all know who the one is that waits for us at the Pearly Gates. However did you ever think that one is you? This is the passage that has come down through the ages, though with it comes another fallacy of the times of man. Who is the one who waits and then judges upon the entry of man into heaven? Is it that all knowing God and his disciples, or is it the one who approaches the gates with the totality of his life experiences in his field? It is I you say, and rightly so, for with the onslaught of the commission of the judgment, comes the release of all that has been to now.


What does this mean to you who stand before God and ponder your fate? What is it you would see for yourself and for the rest of humanity, for you are all one? Is it to walk the halls of destiny in the way of incomplete reality, or is it with the totality of all that you have accomplished thus far?


We tell you that this story that you have indeed been writing is your story. It is the result of all that you have managed to overcome and to withstand. It is the story of how the times that are upon you right now is the epithet of the ages, for it is the story that brings you to the end of the cycle.


With this change that is about to come forth to your bidding, there is an excitement that is being generated throughout your land. There is also a direct interest throughout the cosmos, for with this change comes an open door that includes the invitation from all of the cosmos to humankind. This is the audience that you have been playing to, and you as the role-players have brought us much entertainment and majesty.


We love the story line that you have set in motion. We have clamored to your theater and have found our front row seats. We have even been invited to become a part of the play, and we have in our honor come and walked among you.


This is the spectacle of the ages, for it is the reality that has expunged the oneness and rendered it separate in the eyes of the beholder. This play holds many fields and they are all simultaneously playing out the energy of the coming times.


Did you know that you could create such a vast network of soul interaction as this? Have not you seen the wonder that you bring to the big screen? We love what you bring, and we see that with the coming down of the curtain there is a grand performance that rivals all to date. Give yourselves a moment or two in eternity, and you shall see the hush that falls over the crowd.


We stir not in our seats lest we should miss a teardrop or a slight chuckle. We gaze with rapt attention to the detail with which you play out this cosmic swallow. We wonder at the ending gasp that lies on our doorstep. We shiver when we see the preview of the coming act.


Find yourselves in the final dress rehearsal, for the last act is about to begin. We see new colors of exchange on the horizon. We see wondrous fields adorned with the plenty that expresses in earthly tones. We see the hush as the babies tell the parents of the times to come and the times that are upon them. We know that the fields that we see are the ones upon which layers of gold and silver will lay themselves in abundance.


With these and other changes we see a whole new society springing forth. We see the unveiling of the new way of being. We see the land coming alive with new rejuvenation, and we see the people springing into action in a whole new respect and love for their world. We see people loving one another, and lending a helping hand with compassion and understanding. We see smiles galore, and a field of pink and gold light around all.


This is the epilogue to the story, for with the play out we see on the horizon a new earth and a new way of expressing on earth. We see that you all are carrying the load of the ages, and that soon that load will dissipate and be no more. We do not give you a date, for you are still creating and you are still writing the script. We honor your creation and we love the endurance that you bring to the story. It is your story, and with it comes the celebration after the curtain falls. We are readying the feast and the celebration shall begin, as soon as you lift the final curtain for one more curtain call. We are right there applauding you in your majesty.


We love and honor each and every one of you. Come what may, you are the ones who meet yourselves at the pearly gates, and the judgment that you bring unto yourselves is purity and love forevermore.


Thank you dear Master Kuthumi,

Love, Nancy Tate