Wakeup Call Message
May 06, 2005


Hi Everyone,


We had a wonderful few days off and now we are on the verge of some new work with Spirit. We played and we laughed and we met with wonderful friends. We shared and we captured the essence of love with every step we took.


It is a wonderful life when you honor your ability to be as little children, and gather the treasures of the heart to your bosom. Allowing the moments to speak for themselves and being open to the newness that comes your way in the spontaneity of the moment gives you a gift of discovery that is unsurpassed.


I highly recommend that you include this way of being in everything you do, and then watch the troubles of the world melt off you like honey in bright sunshine.



Nancy and Bob





Hello my dear ones, I have been around for a long, long time, and yet I havenít made myself known through this column as yet. Now is the time. Allow myself to introduce myself, I AM Kuthumi, and I have come to say to you all that there is now a movement underway on your planet to undermine the lightworkers of the world.


With this movement there has come varying degrees of understandable confusion. This is to be considered part of the game, and with this there is also coming much clarity for many who are now seeing both sides of the issue.


With the advent of many, there is a growing ability to garner the truth from within. There is an opening taking place through the clarity that is being experienced. With this opening comes the knowledge that you are all sovereign beings, and that there is no power in the world that can overturn your own, when you know you are anchored in the light.


What I would have you say to yourselves is this; would you if sought out and asked a question of life, say to these people that life is but a bowl of cherries and do not eat the pits? Or would you say to them that the cherries are here to allow you to see that you have a choice. That choice is that you may eat the fruit and discard the pits, or that you may discard it all and pass by with nothing. Another choice is that you may partake of the fruit and see the pits for what they are, and that is that they can grow new cherries if planted in fertile ground and nurtured with love.


What we have here is the choice that is given by The Creator. We have the ability to garner our own truth, our own reality. Are we to stand our ground and see it reflect our idea of what reality is, or are we to see that our reality need not be staid and will not change from what we can perceive right now?


I AM here to ask you my dears to stretch the way you see things. This suggestion is an exercise in what is taking place around the globe. With this action, you are considering that there is something beyond that which you see before you. You are noting that there is a lining to every cloud, and that every cloud can change from moment to moment.


Consider now that you are a person of great wealth. What would you do with your money? Would you spend what it takes to acquire that which you desire, or would you say that you had better save it for a rainy day, for you just never know? Or would you give it all away to someone who is less likely to be able to amass a fortune such as yours?


I say that there is every likelihood that you would do all of what has been outlined. I have seen how you all acquire and carry out your fortunes, no matter the size of them. In this I see that you each have your own perception of wealth, or the amount of wealth that is your reality.


Now I would like to have you consider how this wealth perception reflects in your inner life. How does it account for the way you see yourself as a child of God? Is there a correlation, you ask? How can you compare a mundane thing such as money to something as Godly as our faith?


I ask you all, what is the difference? Is there but a reflection on the outside of what is on the inside? Are you counting your sheep while at the same time, recounting your ability to raise and nurture those sheep? Give yourself the idea that you are capable of much more than you reflect in your outer life.


With these thoughts in mind I would like to lead you through a journey. This journey is one of great sacrifice and hardship. With this journey there are many obstacles placed in your way, and in these obstacles we see the directness of the opposition.


What is the opposition, you wonder? Who is taking our freedom away from us? We ask you to see for yourselves what the obstacles are and who put them there. Is that person perhaps you, and if so, then can you see how you can dissolve them instantly through your knowledge of them?


My dear ones, this is to some of you perhaps a review of what has been taught for centuries, yet some of this is so subtle as to be recognizable only when you take another look, perhaps when you see it a different way. There are many civilizations in your universe, and they all have been through scenarios in which they learned to find the common denominator and transcend it. They learned that through the will of their innate Godliness they can amass any obstacles that they put in their way. They also have realized that the obstacles are placed there by themselves, and no other.


This leads me to the next and final point I make on this day, through this one. We make a journey on this day that takes us to the atoll of life. We do this every moment, and as we do, we amass great things. With these things we note the worthiness of ourselves and each other. Then we take another look and we see ourselves and the others naked and standing only in the light of the Creator. We see that we are no more or no less than the other, and we see that there is perfection in that seeing.


As we go through life, we amass that which we desire, and with that gathering, we measure that which we are and are capable of. This is but a perception that is neither right nor wrong. It is a perception that gathers to it the seeds of more ideas and more perceptions. It is limitless, is it not, for to see beyond the boundaries of the present moment is to see that there is no separation, one moment from the other?


What this tells you in the scheme of things is your exercise for the day. Play with this and see that you are limitless. See that within the realm of possibility there is no bound. This is what will enable you to see the truth of your perceptions throughout all of life, and will enable you to know yourself as you are and how you measure up to your own perception.


I take my leave, dear ones and I stand at the ready for any questions and any sharing that you wish. With the invitation that this one has offered me and the allowance of my energies to her field, she has opened a door to the unlimitedness of her own perceptions, and now we find the love that is beamed out for all of you. Go now and beam your love out for all to feel and perceive, for it is beautiful, and it merits the expression of your own unlimitedness.


Thank you dear Master Kuthumi,

Love, Nancy Tate