Wakeup Call Message
May 18, 2005





My dear ones this is a time for all of you to go to the river of knowledge and bury the old worn out ideas in the banks and watch them be washed away with the sands of time. This is the time for new ideas to spring forth and shelter the times of now with a new glow of understanding of what lies just ahead, and what is here with us at the time of every breath we take. It is a time to look at our lives and know that we are on a new plateau that is giving us the advantage of seeing far enough into the future to give us inspiration for where we place our next step.


I AM Hatonn, and with this message I cover two areas of expertise; I cover the area of sojourns along the river of time, and the area of standing still and benefiting from hearing the rustle of leaves as they speak to us with the breeze that flows gently along through the neighborhood.


When you awoke this morning you did so knowing that you were in your bed or where ever you lay your head for comfort and sleep. You knew that as you arose the cobwebs would surely slip away and be replaced with the brightness of a new day. The level of brightness depended much on how you had slept and how refreshing that sojourn was.


I use the term sojourn for every night is a journey, as has been referred to by many lately. With the sojourn that you experience you find yourselves sometimes in places strange and sometimes familiar. Always it is a new experience, is it not, though it may seem the same at times?


I give you an exercise by which you may measure the progress you make every second of your life. Take a few moments and think of a familiar experience you have recently had and compare it with another that seemed the same. Do you not see the variations? Do you see how intricately you create anew every moment of your life?


As you go about your day, look for the irregularities that give way the secret of how you create anew every moment, with every breath. Then expand that into the future; see how you take what seems to be a sameness into the future and then see how you can expand that sameness into what is consciously a variation. This is the way to realize how you create, and to bring it into a conscious journey, rather than a sojourn of unconsciousness.


What you are going into in this life is a totally conscious awareness of what you do, think and say. You are beginning to create your world exactly as you intend. Be aware of this as you go about your daysí activities and see how your world changes. See how the trees and flowers are so much brighter, how the children playing in the park draw you closer and push you into their midst to be a part of their play. See how you walk by a store window and spy the pie that you so love and know that it never looked so tempting before, for it is a work of art as it sits their smiling back at you.


You are beginning to appreciate everything that is in your world, the world you have created. And do you know what else? You begin to appreciate yourself more, for havenít you created yourself, the one who smiles back at you from the mirror, the one who decided to partake of the beautiful salad rather than the huge plate of French fries, the one who takes the long way home by the river and takes the time to enjoy the fragrance of the flowers along the banks, and the ripple of the waves as they lap against the rocks and the shores.


You make your world, and you can do it consciously to make it anyway that you please. You are the ruler of your kingdom, and when you do it in purpose, you are indeed the bearer of the fruit that comes from the nourishment and nurturance of the soil in which you plant the intent of your life.


I see all of you following the path of least resistance. I see you all finding the gold gilt roadway that leads to the bridge of rainbows and sunshine. I see you all following your heart and setting your intent in the promises you make for a treasured life. I see the smiles and the joy in your eyes as you look out over the world you have created.


I see the love and compassion that emanates from you as you see all the brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters coming home from the wars and casting down their weapons once and for all into the heaps of refuse to be transmuted into gold and silver.


I see all of humanity at peace and loving all life on and in Mother Gaia. I see a golden tree with its arms outstretched over all the land in a beautiful embrace of love and nurturance for all of time. I see love and I weep at the sight. I love you all, and I lay my blessings at your feet.


Thank you dear Master Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate