Wakeup Call Message
May 26, 2005


 Lord Enki 


There is a man who walks this earth and as he walks he sings. He sings about the war in Iraq and he sings about the trouble in Africa. As he sings he sees how wonderful all who participate in any strife across this globe are doing so from the purpose in their soul and the passion in their heart.


This is not a far cry from what is taking place in every corner of every city in the world. This is representative of all the gang wars and all the family arguments and all the police calls that take place every day and on into the night. This is representative of all the struggles that take place within oneís body and energy field to one degree of another, for with the duality of this world comes the advent of the participation of the darkness and the light in the ages old battle for supremacy.


I AN Enki, and I come to you this day to share with you that this one who walks the earth singing is I. I walk the earth in an embodiment of song, for I AM the one who represents the waywardness of humanity. I took the role of carrying the darkness throughout this plan, and now I carry the song that will release all of you from the bonds of wretchedness.


Within the words of these songs I carry the promise of the light. I sing of how I have found the trueness of my spirit, and how everyone else can as well. I sing into the ears of the soldier as he steps forward rifle cocked and finger trembling on the trigger. I ease his torment and ask him to step into his purpose, whether it be to pull that trigger which will gain another from the other direction, thus sending him to his destiny out of the fray, or to put the weapon down and surrender his life to the Creator, thus being able to walk away to his safety, and back to his loving family.


As I come across these soldiers I see them as perfect. I see them as the beautiful souls that they are. I know them, for they are I as surely as we are all one. I love them as a brother and a sister. I regard them as a father does his children. I sing to them as they fall asleep on the outskirts of the battlefield, and they fall asleep in the arms of the angels who gather round them to ease their troubled hearts.


There is not brighter future than the one that is at our door right now. We have come a long way, my dear family, and I am right here with you. I shall walk these shore and these ands for as long as it takes me to soothe the furrowed brow and to ease the aching hearts into sleep. I step into the battle and pick the sick and dying from the melee. I send them to the doctors and I send them to the angels, according to their choice. I sing their song of love, and I never miss a note, for it comes from them and the God that lives within. I echo their light in tone and verse, and I sing to them that which they call for.


We are all one in this time and forevermore, and in that truth I sing the song of togetherness. There are words that come to me on the battlefield, and there are words that come to me in the sweetness of the morning with the hush of peace hovering over the land. I share these expressions of love and light, for I know that they are sacred. I know it is The Creator sending the love of All There Is to the ones who walk in his glory.


As I walk in the communities and the homes of those who are far away from the battlefield, I hear the hush of voices in deep sleep. I hear the conversations they have with the angels, pleading for the lives of the loved ones across the waters. I hear the gentle voices whispering the words of soothing lullabies. I hear the rush of breath as the loved ones come to them in a dream and tell them of their love. I see the tears wash down the cheeks in the sleep of those who hear, and I see the smile on light up the faces of the dear ones who feel the presence of the loved ones dearly missed.


This is a time, my sweet family when all are in their own battle. This battle is one that is Divinely ordered and the losses only vindicate the victories. When the final call rings forth and calls all to their own truth, then we will see them all stand up and accept the promise that they made to themselves so long ago. It will be a glorious sight, and one to be present for. As I walk the lands and sing my songs there are many who stand in line with me and join in the chorus of love.


This is the trail of tears that expands every moment; and the tears represent the fulfillment of the prophecy that the meek shall inherit the earth. The meek are those who are standing alongside the angels. The strength of their love carries them onward to the promised land where love and light never show itís other side, for it is all the same, there is no other side, just more of the light and love that is the truth of mankind.


I go now and sing my song with every breath I take. It is a beautiful sight I see as I gaze into the eyes of the beloved, for it reflects to me the dearness of The Creator. We are all One, and we sing together through the songs of time.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate