Wakeup Call Message
May 13, 2005





Today is a day to go about your business and see what you can do to make your world the best it can be. Today you are master of your domain, and as has been the case, you are in control of what your world looks like. Good morning, I AM Baldor, and I come to you this day to suggest that while you are thinking that there are others who control your world, the truth of the matter is quite different.


Let us consider for a moment what control is. Control is a matter of taking something and making it as you would see fit. It is the manifestation of that which you would have it be. Notice I said that it is generic in its presentation, for there is no judgment there.


Now we go one step further and we explore that which is. That which is, is the total control of any given thing or situation. It is the state of being; it is the way of things. What could have produced this state of being were it not for some control? Could you find the example that caused it to come into being?


Now we shall explore a bit further. An idea has come into being. Someone had the idea, and now a thought follows the idea, a thought of how to manifest the idea. There are more thoughts as the process continues, and before long there is the manifestation of the idea. How did this come about? It came into being through the fact that you took control of the idea and the thought process and brought about the manifestation. You were in control.


How can this be perpetrated in your life? Can you apply this principle and see how you use it every moment of your day? Now see how powerfully you control your world. Now see how much more powerfully you can control your world.


Now look at the universe, and the interaction of all of the parts of the universe. Look as well at the community you live in and the various parts of it. See how it all fits together and how beautifully it can work. Realize that behind all this working lies ideas, thoughts and action. Observe that some people in your community seem to have control of how it works.


Then look at it another way; see how any aspect of it could run differently if you were to be the one controlling it. How would it work then; would you have had the same ideas as the person who is running it now? If so, how would you go about bringing that change? Then see how that change would affect the whole.


What I AM presenting to you is the process by which you create your world. You can look at your world and see where the changes would be born. You can change your world, even one aspect of it, and it can have an effect on the rest of the community, and even the whole universe. Yes, the whole universe can be affected by your ideas brought into manifestation.


Now it is a matter of being able to follow through with the idea, thought and manifestation process. Look at the whole thing; see how the idea manifests in your life, and ask yourself if that is what your idea represented. Can it be changed to better suit your world? If so, then go back to the idea and bring in different thoughts. Allow your mind and heart to create the finished result. Do this spontaneously with no ‘trying’ to figure it out. Just allow the process the flow and then see how it looks. This is a process that is Divinely inspired.


Oh, you were wondering when I would get to that, the divinity of your beingness. I was always there, for when I speak of anything that has to do with ideas, thoughts, action and manifestation I speak of the Divine. When I speak of anything in this life I speak of the Divine. Isn’t it glorious that we see the core of everything?


With that in mind now look back at some of the manifestation that you have created. Do you see the divinity of it? Considering that all is Divine, even fear, then what would you do to the world you have created? Would you keep it the way you have, after you have absolutely created it the best way you can imagine?


If now you hold a different candle to your creation and you see the imperfections, how would you change your reality? Would you then allow the ideas and thoughts to materialize again, and in a different way? Perhaps now you would see how divinely you created, and you didn’t even know what was behind it. You have created as Gods, and now you are faced with the idea of, “Who’s in control here, you or God?”


I say that maybe they are one and the same; maybe to be able to create as God would, you are God. Is that possible; does that not blasphemy? You know it does not, for you have learned much about God and how you are God as well. You have learned from whence you came and now you know how you create.


Apply this to your world. See how your world can be, indeed is at times, a reflection of the outer world around you, all that other world and other universe. Now look again and see what of that other world you would see as being not in perfection. How does that world reflect with yours? What in your world can you change to make it the perfection that you would have it be, and the rest of the world.


Now do that same process and bring about the manifestation of that change in your life. Live that change, and then after a while look at the world around you and see how it has changed. See if that war over there is less intense because you have stopped warring in your life. See how that famine in the third world countries has lessened or disappeared because you have shared your knowledge and gifts with those in your community, you have fed them, or you have fed yourself and your family with love, knowledge and gifts of yourself.


You can affect the world that you live in. You and all the others around you can bring about changes on a global scale, just by being that which you would have the world be. Be peace, harmony, abundance, love, compassion, education, etc. then see how your world changes. Rather than putting your focus on that which you cannot control, put it on that which you can, and then see that that control which comes from the Divine, is changing the rest of the world.


See how simple it is. See how wonderfully you can make a change through the control of your world, through the divinity that you are? Take the world in your loving hands and caress it with your love, take control and make your life the very epitome of that which you would have for yourself and the world. For you see my dear friends, you are a part of the whole world, of all of existence. And you know that too.


But do you, do you really know that in the sense of living that? Are you living your life according to your innate knowledge that you and the rest of existence are really all one? Then begin living your life in that knowledge and see how it changes. See how your world can be the very best you would have it be, and then see how even your perception of that stretches and becomes larger, stronger, and more loving.


I’d say I’ve given you enough to think about on this day. Go out into the day and apply what has been presented here. Do it with a playfulness that garners an innocence. Watch as it changes your world. See how magically it can bring about a wonder that is endearing and compassionate. Enjoy the process and see how Divinely the day progresses.


I love and adore all of you, and because I allow the control to come from my innate sense of divinity, I am able to create the world that I would see for myself and for you, for there really is only one of us, and we are splendid! I jump for joy at the thought of you. See you in the ball field.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate