Wakeup Call Message
May 16, 2005





Let痴 go on a journey today. Let痴 go where the sun is always shining and the moon is always gold. Let痴 listen for the raindrops upon a misty morn, and let痴 hear the angels singing in a chorus of songs of old. I AM Avenda and I AM your guide upon this trip.


We値l take you on a journey across the sky today, and we値l show you how it will be on earth some lovely day. We値l show you lots of blooming fields and lots of starlit skies in which there hover as sentinels our neighbors, you and I.


We値l see the flowers blooming and we値l know that you and I are going to be finding the best that money can buy. For when the change is counted and we pass the cup around, we鼠l see that we have a plenty and we値l go another round.


We値l take the road less traveled and we値l know when we arrive there will be there to meet us a band of love alive with the colors of the rainbow and the tastes of honey too, for as we greet our neighbors we値l recognize them too. They値l be as friends we致e longed for and they値l find a different tale of demons and angels who come together in the end.


To show us all that we can forget the past, and find that we are all the same now forever in the eyes of God and man alike. And in the souls we値l sing, and then to all of heaven we once more all will bring our gifts and promises upon the table gilt with gold and silver inlaid with marble and brocade.


For as we take our places we値l step up to the call of humanity痴 love and peacefulness and join in the parade of love and compassion throughout the land of milk and honey. And as we do we値l sing out the plans of prosperity too.


We値l see the land come back to life and we値l see the bluest sky reflected in the waters that refresh you and I. As we splash around in playfulness and gaze upon the sight of eagles soaring from peaks so high as once again they take flight.


We値l see the children running and screaming their delight as they throw the balls of life around and catch I it痴 flight. They値l skip rope and hopscotch and soar through tender times. And we値l sing them a lullaby as they close their eyes and tell of days gone by when horses flew and chariots clattered across the ground, and when the crowd cheered and faces turned upon the merry sight.


When horses flying through the air and steeds upon the ground came together in a mighty roar and sang for miles around, of the magic that was done that day, and the mighty dragon slayed by light and love and all the tones the angels gave forth in play.


They値l dream of their part in all of this and they値l know that the days are past when separation played the key to keep the bonds intact. For when they began to come to earth and teach the moms and dads, there was a change upon the hearts of families and schools.


So come what may we know the song will echo in our hearts of love and change that brings the dawn of new exciting ways of life on earth. We値l see clean shining soils and trees that grow new green, for as the fruits of so much love enrich the lives of all we値l hear a sound that will touch all the hearts of those who hear.


The gentle peal of angel痴 trumpets, and ringing of the call to all the ones who find themselves in the halls of destiny. We値l revel the time that brought us here and pay homage to the truth of peace and joy and freedom bells that ring throughout the land.


Together we have done the deed that formed us to a band of angels touched by earthly ways. And heavenly abodes shall open up and shine forth Grace, and bring the curtain down on all the shadows and all the fear that caught us in its grip, and we shall sail across the waves of life痴 eternal bliss.


So come along and make your own journey into the land of make believe and magic dreams, and know that you can bring it all to life and all to truth, forever in your heart. And as you do you値l see the truth and find your heaven here on earth and in the hearts of those who stand and kiss your hand. For you are wise and you are beauty and we all love you so. And now my tale will end this day and carry forth for all.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate