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I want to thank two dear friends, Sandra and Reina, for adding to my realization over this past weekend, of the metaphor that I have been sharing with all of you since May, 2002, nine years ago this very month. After transcribing the audio message this morning that I received last night outside at sunset, which has too much background noise to be able to post, I have realized it has to be the Wake up Call for today.


I took a minute on a thought that came to me, and found that the first channeled message that I posted to the ‘tree’ was done on May 8, 2002. There is also one done on this day, May 23, nine years ago.  You may go see them here if you wish.


This brings to me the knowledge that Spirit was reminding me of the timeliness of this realization I received over the weekend. As you all know there are no accidents and this is certainly proof of that.


I want to thank each and every one of you for your loving support and sharing with me over the years. I intend to continue for as long as I am inspired to. It has been a source of joy, self-empowerment, creativity, and love, all elements of the first universe that we all brought with us into the second from our roots in the energy of the Mushaba Force, and imbued with the Christed Light.


I extend my deepest gratitude, love and appreciation of all of you. You are remarkable company as we stand on this threshold of the coming New Golden Age. Hug yourselves as I hug you all!


Now with no further adieu, here it is!



Wake up Call: Nancy May 23, 11


The Tree of the Golden Light


In the beginning was The Source, and The Source brought into creation that which is desired to be an expression of itself, for it was unlimited; it was full of potential. The Source created, brought together, its intent of vibratory energies and created the first universe. This first universe was an example of The Source. The first universe was created before any further creation was thought of.


As the vibrations of this first universe explored themselves and built upon themselves, the creations that came about expressed the ideas of what it felt, and the freedom in which it was created. The vibrations represented themselves in many ways. The Source, Creator of all, intertwined all of the vibratory ideas, intention, and movements with what came forth in the first universe. They built upon each other, and in these roots were established the potential from which more could be created. This was an expression of The Source. This was the coming about of the unlimitedness in which The Source existed and expressed.


As these roots grew and grew they established themselves in the essence that was also fluid and changeable. The creativity and freedom came about in the self-empowerment that was felt by the energies of all Creation. The Source loved it all. The Source could see itself in expression as this universe grew and established itself in the energy from which it came, and from which it took expression.


One of those expressions was to recreate itself. So the first universe of The Source created another. The potential for this second universe was unlimited as well. So this established the trunk, the trunk, which in the second could grow. The trunk grew. It grew from a slim, tender vibration, and in this vibration was the potential for more. So from this slim creation layer upon layer was expressed and built. The energy field of this slim creation took on greater expansion. There were parts of this trunk that branched out into different creations of itself. They stretched out from themselves in the vibratory freedom to do so in their own way. Also there was the freedom of those branches to express in the way that they could create.


So the second universe bore much more and more. Different galaxies, different solar systems, different planets, where all created in the freedom that was expressed, as the self-empowerment was exercised and allowed. This second universe gained much expression through all of its first branches that bore the creations that came one upon another, until these original expressions of the second universe began to express themselves in the ways in which they chose. Branches upon branches, upon branches began to grow, expressing themselves in different vibrations. Other universes were born. Other universes were created from all these different expressions; different ideas, different vibratory expression evolved.


As these different unlimited universes were created, all of the beings, all of the created vibrations sent out their own individual expressions. In these individual expressions were creations that decided to melt away and come back again. There were ideas to be discarded, to be given back to The Creator to lay at rest, then to be reborn to rejoin the roots, to nourish the roots with all of this new energy, this new expression of the original Source, the unlimitedness of expression.


So all of these leaves, all of these pieces of playfulness of all of these branches, these new ideas of trying this out, trying that out, fell away for they were not meant to remain as they were, but to fall away and become something else.


From The Source came the roots. From the roots came the trunk. From the trunk came all of the branches. From all of the branches came the leaves and the flowers, the buds. As the seasons of life, the seasons of expression came about, these leaves, these buds metamorphosised and fell away to make the round circuit. They fell back into the energy field of creativity, back to the root, back to The Source, to be rejuvenated again, to bring to the root the new expansion, so that the root may bring that new expansion, the increased vibratory richness, back into its being.  It then expresses in a non-ending, unlimited way of expression on up into itself, into the trunk, into the branches, into the new leaves of creativity. It finds new ways in which to express and then to fall back into the pool of creativity once more, rejuvenated, expanded, ready for a whole new adventure of expression.


The vibratory expression of color in the first universe set itself in platinum tones with flashes of rose, violet and white, silvery platinum all intermingling, carrying forth out into the second universe from the first. This marbled platinum light, flows out into the light emanating in the new vibration, born from the glow of The Source into expression, from the roots, into the trunk as The Tree of the Golden Light.


That is our creation, dear ones. That is the story of what we live. That is the way we carry on throughout the life, the expression, the unlimitedness of The Source. We, all of existence, are the leaf on the tree that falls to the ground at our feet as we walk over it, grind it into the earth. Then the rains come and melt it down into the soil, and it dribbles down through and nourishes the roots and adds its expression all over the land from which it came.


That is our story dear ones. That is the story of existence. Now I know why I was given the name The Tree of the Golden Light to use as my expression for what I bring to you. I love you all so much and I give to you The Tree of the Golden Light as a gift from The Source. We are truly one, one and all.