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You know, some people might say it is folly to focus on the things in this life that are sad and lonely feeling and that bring tears to our eyes and sorrow to our hearts. But I say there is another way to look at it. As I sat here last night and listened to another song that I sang on the karaoke site that Bob found for me a year ago I realized that if I didn’t relate to those words that I was singing I wouldn’t realize the wonder of the life that I am living now and that I am headed for in the times to come.


What is this life here on earth but to realize what we are capable of and what we do not have to re-visit? It is time to allow ourselves to re-visit that, which is part of our growing through the lives that we have chosen to live through, and to create in the image of what is around us. It is time now to create in the image of what is in front of us that we see as the beautiful lives that we are destined for.


We are giving tribute now to the energy of that which we have used to bring us to this point. We are not in a position where we are standing in a bubble of ‘maybe if it had been this way it will be this way in the future’. We are standing in the debris of what it has been that we have created in our vision of what we are not, in full Technicolor and verse, in rhyme and chorus for all of the universe to see and hear.


This is the time for us to revel in what we have brought ourselves to. We are about to unfold the mysteries of the universe and lay them on the table of plenty. We will see what it has all been about and how we can take it from here in a way that gives service and gratitude to what we have experienced in the Green, Green Grass of Home, here on Mother earth.


I rest my case in the surrounding countryside that all of us live in now. It is all of our making and that is the way it will always be. The difference is that in the next months and on into forever we will sing our hearts out in a different tune, and that will be in complete resonance with all of creation. It will truly be the Green, Green grass of Home.


Love to you all,

Nancy Tate