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I am here once again to bring news of the Inner Earth. I come to this one from the confines of my portal and in order to do so I will bring about a change in the atmosphere of the area immediately surrounding the South Pole. As I do this those who may be around that area will feel a pulling toward the pole and yet they will not be able to go there. It will be as if it is speaking to them as Nancy saw in her dreams, as she will explain. As they feel this pull they will know that they are being guided to remain where they are and to tune in, for what I am about to tell you will affect them as well. That is the reason that they were led to be there.


(Nancy: What Horus was referring to was a dream I had several mornings upon awakening about two weeks before and right after I began to bring his messages through. In that dream I saw the continent of Antarctica from the side and at first it was a bit foggy. Then it cleared and I could see the continent vibrating, and then a glow lit it up as it vibrated. I finally realized, the last morning that it came to me that the land was speaking to me; thatís when I knew that I had been being prepared for Horus to speak through me.)


There is a place deep inside the earth that is holding an energy of warmth and love for all on the surface. This energy is specifically for your return to yourselves in the coming times. You will be undergoing all of the transformative experiences that you once told that you would be undergoing. These experiences are in progress and as you go through them you are clearing out the old stuff that you have been carrying since you returned to the surface from your experience on Maldek.


Here in the Inner Earth there is a group that we call the Residence Worshippers of the Surface Beings. We take ourselves into a place of beauty, and everyday we invoke the violet flames, and incorporate them into the platinum rays and the golden light. We do so in order to continue the Oneness with all of you and with the truth of the universal order. We take the opportunity every day to remember how it was on the surface and to see that the surface will return to a pristine beauty that is all new.


Though when we were all on the surface it was a beauteous sight to behold, it has undergone changes that are leading to the new vision of what Utopia means to all of us. We are seeing this new world on the surface in a whole new way, for we are seeing the co-ordination and communication of all of the earth, inside and out as being one, and in being easily accessible by all who are on the surface and below. We see that no longer will life on earth be considered in the essence of duality, where there is the Inner and the outer. We will see it all as One with the various rooms and chambers all connected with the various ways in which are being formed right now.


As this transformation takes place we will begin to emerge and contact those of you who are awaiting our arrival. We are going to intermingle with so many of you on the surface who are feeling a great change coming in your lives. Some of you are not aware of what these changes mean. But you feel a stirring deep within that you know is going to make a difference and will settle the stirring that has been there for some time.


As we come forth and make contact, those who are in the midst of a change of location, or way of thinking, or what you are doing with your time, will be in the designated locations and will have your time be open for what we will be doing. We will take our time with you that is required for the understanding of what this is to entail, and as we go about assisting you to your readiness for the return to the inner earth for a time, you will know what is going to take place inside the earth, and then on the surface.


Realize that once the people who are on the surface now are removed to wherever they had planned to be, then the earth changes that would have put the majority of you in danger will begin. You, who choose to remain until such time as it is time to witness the changes from off the surface, or from the Inner earth, will be safe and in joy to see the transformation of Gaia and your world take place. You will realize then that you will have a hand in how it is going to be, and you will witness it every step of the way. We in the Inner Earth will be with you and will assist you to see how it all is taking place and how each of you have had a hand in bringing it to be. You who will be off planet will also be in communication not only with those who are with you, but with those of us who have been with you in the Inner reaches of your planet.


Dear Gaia has a few words right now that she would like to share with you. I bring her to the platform now.


Gaia: Dear children who are now adults and endless beings of my dear indigenous soils, I bid you welcome back to my energies. We are in for a spin through the energies of change. We are up to it and we will be monitoring the changes from every blink of an eye, every tremor of the crust, every tumble into a new way of being. As the rivers topple into a new crevasse, and mountain hold the energies of support and love, as the leaves on the trees melt into a new life, and the grasses welcome them to their solace, as the great continents shift and wave, and the oceans find new expression, as all of the body that I love so much squirms and sighs the relief of a new way of being, we all shall be a part of its coming into a new way of being.


I am with you all the way, and as we together create our new world we will be planning the celebration of the moment when we will all reunite for the wondrous celebration of the new earth and how those who choose to will live upon and within it. Once this is in our experience, then we will all go about our lives in a constant celebration in gratitude and love, no matter where we go and stay or whatever we choose to do. The universe is our home, and once we have created our new body, we will find unlimited experience coming our way through the imaginings that are infinite in the glory that we bring forth in every breath.


I am so in love with all of you, my family, my loved ones. You have graduated from the infancy, the childhood schools of learning, and the college of life in the fast lane. Now you and I are ready for the new life of living our Truth, which is the Truth of the universe and of all of existence. Come now and join me in a moment of thankfulness for the beings on and within my body, and for all that has taken place since time began. This is the winding down to the end of time and a brand new beginning in the infinite wanderings that we shall bring to our existence. I love you one and all. Now I bring back my brother Horus for his words of closing today.


Horus: Dearly beloveds, I return to this message with a promise to speak often through Nancy and to give you many ideas and plans of what we are doing. You will be able to join with us through various whispers of love and movements as the changes take place that will ready you for coming to us, or going to the rest of your family. We are all going to see the coming of a new dawn, and it will be tremendous in the scope of what we are all able to accomplish.


Take every moment, every day as a gift for the coming times, for it is building a wondrous source of energy that will bring us all to the beauty that is in store for us. This you can use to be able to get you through what will be coming until it is time to come within, or go to the heavens to take part in and watch the wondrous changes that will come about. We are all One in this and we are at the moment in our lives that we have been awaiting all this time. Time is almost over, so hang on to your hats and dance around the table of plenty, for it is ours.


Blessings to you all!


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate