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This is Horus from the Inner Earth and I speak with you right now to tell you of something that is taking place right now in the inner earth, or as Billie calls it the Hollow earth, it is the same. I am here to welcome you first of all to my energies, and to then tell you of our preparations coming forth from the Inner Earth to the surface.


This will take place when the time is appropriate, and I cannot be clear on that at this time because there are certain events that will have to take place and certain conditions that will have to be met before we can come forth and meet with those of you with whom we have a contract. When the time comes we will come from our various portals around the globe and we will meet with those of you who are ready for us. We will tell you of the changes that will be taking place on the surface and you will be given the choice as to whether or not you want to come with us, when the times comes, into the inner earth, or if you want to go off planet to the various space ships that are out there.


There may be some of you who will go to other planets for, shall we call it a restoration period. Those of you who come into the inner earth will go through a preparatory time and process in order to be able to withstand not only the heightened energy that you値l feel when you come there, but also to be able to acclimate yourself to the memories that come forth when you come into the area, let痴 say, of least resistance energy-wise to those memories. Those of you who go off-planet will find that there will be also an interim in which you値l have to find yourself, your energies adjusted to the different vibratory experiences that you will encounter.


This is indeed a time of great change not only on and within the planet earth, but also within the solar system, the galaxy, and the whole universe. There cannot be change with one aspect of this universe without it having affect on the whole of the universe. This is such a monumental change at this time that to exemplify the change that is taking place as I speak, and before I speak, and after I speak (chuckling softly) throughout this whole universe, for it is impossible for change to take place in one place and not in the rest of it in some degree.


We in the inner earth have been following and monitoring your progress. We have been making preparatory measures for this coming time. We realize not only what you have been going through at this time, but what you will be going through in the coming months. I cannot explain to you in detail what some of these changes will be, I can only say that there will be more earthquakes, more tsunamis, more redirection of waters on the planet.


There値l be the emergence of various clusters of crystals to within access points for various people who will be inspired to go and to receive readings of these crystals, for they have been contracted, indeed they in fact, have imbued these crystals with their instructions for these coming times. As these instructions are received and then followed, they will be clear as to what their purpose is in this time on earth. Everyone, every single person on the planet at this time has a purpose, whether they know it or not.


For some their purpose is to leave the planet. For some the purpose is to stay and endure. For others the purpose is to go within, not only within themselves, but within the planet, and to receive the instructions that they had left with us, for safekeeping, as they say. As all of you make your journey in the coming months to fulfill the contracts that you have made for this time, it will all fall into place. Every iota of detail will fit together as pieces of a puzzle that you sit at your table and put together. There is nothing more sacred in the Hollow Earth than knowing we are all one with all of you, with all of the earth, with all of the solar system, all of the galaxy, all of the universe, everything in existence.


You are so much a part of all of us and of everything, and we look forward to the time when all of you realize that. At the same time we honor and are grateful for and stand in joy of all of you who know that right now in this moment as it is.


As you begin to experience your times with Billie Faye you will realize the gift that he has brought with him for all of you, for he has only just begun to tell his story, to tell what he knows. The more he opens up to what is within him the more he realizes that the more do you speak, the more do you remember, and you remember all of it. That is the way it shall be, and that is the way it is.


I am Horus in the Inner Earth, and that is spelled Horus, as you had thought, dear one. As I go now I promise to return and to give you more information. I like this as a starter. We shall become fast friends, as we once were, as we never did leave. You値l remember, as I have been; we are all fast friends. And so it shall be; I look forward to the day when we shall be reunited and can talk of former times. We値l talk of old times, or times of the future.


I leave you now with love in my heart and joy all around me. Till next time, Namaste.