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Dear Ones: I now realize why I have been feeling lately to reorganize the Maldek information on the ‘tree’. It was something that increasingly stirred me to do. Also a couple dear friends of Bob’s and mine, one being Anakhanda Mushaba, stirred that up about a week ago in conversations we had with them. So today I did just that, and when I was done I received this message from Infinite Being, who I got a message from on Sept 28, 2010. I have been feeling that the Maldek information can help many people to clear, explain, and add to what they have been feeling lately. I’ve felt that it can be a release of stuff that can help people to move forward in the energy of creation that they have engrained within themselves. 


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Wake up Call: Infinite Being, March 13, 2017


Maldek is a collection of certain energies that are no longer in existence in the universe. Those energies are in submission in a time warp and they represent energies that are taking their stand to keep themselves in readiness for the reclamation of their energies for the completeness of their mission. Once they receive the notice that they no longer are in the closure mode then they can let loose of what they are doing and allow themselves the freedom to release what they are holding onto.


This is the time for that. This is the time for all of their spent energies to be released and dissolved into the original Love energies of creation in which they will be given the freedom to march forward and flow freely in the energies of the moment, with no memories of what took place on Maldek. Maldek was a timewarp created for the purpose of showing life what it is capable of in the evolvement of the energies that are produced through the movements of creativity that are expressed. It is now time to allow the freedom of these energies, so that they can ascend back to the original pure state of being from which they were created.


There is no longer any timewarp necessary for them to be of service. They have found their place and moved into it. They are now released from all of the energies that were created in their interest. All of those who are on earth now in their creation of themselves will find that once they have announced to their souls that they are Love, then their connection to the old energies will be released. The time warp will no longer call to them, for it is no longer in existence.


I am the Infinite being that spoke through this one back when the information about the Maldek experience was brought to humanity. I now speak to those of you whose soul is tuned in to the energy of freedom from the Maldek timewarp and are ready to fly forth into the infinity of life, in the freedom of their ability to create in the freedom from which they were created. Life is awaiting your knowledge on a soul level. I see that it is already flying through the ethers of Life as the freedom is being expressed throughout Creation.


I send my Love and adoration for all of life. You are all Infinite beings as am I. Home is ready for your remembrance as you follow on into the infinity of your expression. You are the creators of your life, so go forth and follow your inner guidance through the dance of life.



Thank you dear Infinite Being,

Much Love, Nancy Tate