March 29, 2016                Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Nancy, March 29, 2016


Yesterday afternoon and evening held an interesting message for me, Bob, and our friend, Raine, who shares the house with us. After I received the information that came from what we experienced, and for what I felt would be interesting to all of you, I realized that it could be the Wake up Call for today.


At five o’clock, yesterday, just before I was going to get ready for a skype call with a dear friend from Tucson, I was sitting at my computer when suddenly I heard what sounded like a gunshot, and then all lights, and power went completely black. The three of us gathered downstairs and realized that a transformer must have blown in the neighborhood. I called my friend on my cell phone to let her know we would have to put off our call, and why. Then we made other calls, including to the power company. They told us that they had received other calls about the power outage.


So here we were, candles burning for us, to be able to see in the declining light, fixing some raw veggies, dip, cheese and crackers for our usual light supper. Cassie was enjoying what she must have seen as fun times. Along about 6:30 we heard a large utility truck come by and then back up and stop at our gate. Bob went out and greeted them, explaining our details. They went to investigate and within a short time, our power came back on. They returned, telling us they removed some vines, etc from some power lines.  This was around 7:15. We were back in power and feeling like this was ‘no accident’ on some level.


Suddenly I heard the word ‘interlude’; I told Bob and Raine about it.  I wasn’t sure what it meant in this instance, but I knew someone had something to share with us. Then the words to a poem that represented a part of life in Maine, and that I had been hearing inside myself for a few days, came back strong, “March winds, April showers, bring forth May flowers.”


Suddenly I got it! As I shared it with them, it became clear to all of us. It began back in August, when we had the problems with the underground gas-piping system, which had to be re-piped and so forth. It affected us for almost a month. We made it through that challenge, reminding us that we can make it through the hard times.  Now, after more than 6 months, we had this power outage. Lets look at this ‘interlude’ of almost seven months.


March Winds: look at what has been taking place since August all around the world. All kinds of measures have been blowing around in consideration to bring more peace, joy and love to the people, as well as more money to bring a better life to those who need it. Also, to fund the plans that people around the world have to help create a better way of living for the homeless, the ones who need medical assistance, healthy food on their tables, etc.


April Showers: Looking back we have seen all kinds of showers of activity taking place. So much of the old stuff that has been hovering over us for so long is being released and showered down around us to show us what we have had hidden from us for so long. It is all being cleared away, and swept away in the tide of new waters, flowing through our lives and over our lands. The unheard of, and denied schemes that we have been living in, is all being brought to the hands of the free, to forever change it through the power we have to bring a new and better life back to us.


Bring Forth May Flowers: Have you ever seen a forest full of May Flowers? They are so wondrously beautiful! They are a gift from The Creator, as they grow in the wild. They flow through the woods, over the fields, and alongside the roads in the beauty of the softness of color that brings such peace and joy as we gaze upon their gentleness. They speak to us of the coming gifts of the newness of life and the promise of the eternal wonder of the return of the blessings that give us such joy. Though their lifespan as the flowers has its own time, its strength is forever with us, for the gift it gives is everlasting. We are able to remember the story each petal tells us, and the gift of beauty that it shows us which we have the ability to live and to create on our own.


That is it, my dear ones. As we live through this period of April Showers, and continue to clear away that which has been accumulating over the centuries, we are seeing what we are able to do, and to release with the showers of truth that are upon us now. With this time period being our interlude we can see how close we are to being able to see and be the May Flowers that will be with us eternally. We have the power to create that which we are, with the freedom that The Creator gives us. It is time now to take back our abilities and allow them to flow free. We can do it in the way that we see we are a petal in the fields and forests, alongside the pathways of life that we create.


There is no end to our abilities to bring the freedom to our lives. We have reached the end of the ‘interlude’ of life, as we have known it. Now it is time to begin to bring forth the May Flowers that we can create in the beauty, peace, joy and Love that we are.


I send you all the Love that springs forth in the field of flowers that we are creating in this moment and forever.


Love you so much,

Nancy Tate