March 09, 2015                


Wake up Call: Mushaba, March 09, 15


Dear precious Family of the universe residing on earth at this time, I am here today to tell you a story about your earth and what it stands for in the universal energy. It is I, Mushaba, and I come to this one on this day in order to relay part of what will be coming for you all in the times and events that are about to open up for all of you. Yes, I say all of you because even if any of you are not open to what I will be saying, or have been telling you, what I have to share with you always is information that affects you on a level that your soul completely understands.


First I will tell you that the money issues that are taking place around the globe and in so many of your households are coming to a settlement that will affect all of humanity in ways that are not even considered as of late, because the money affects all of life on earth in so many ways that are not even considered by many of you. There will come a time when it will not be the issue it is now, for it was first brought forward as part of the duality experience that you have been involved with.


There will come a time when the monies will be free flowing. That will bring about the realization that the only worth they have is all about the idea that something has more worth than another. There will come a day when many of you will realize that it was all planned and brought into the ideas of how to live on earth by the minions who saw the ignorance, or what they considered to be ignorance of so many people who served them in so many ways. What those in power thought to be their 'less than' followers didn't realize that they were being part of a plan that was created to bring about the idea that duality was the natural way of being.


Dear ones, it was all a plan devised by all of you to enter into on this planet for a reason. Along with the money issues, also came the political idea, along with the educational, religious and all aspects of earth life. This was put into place and followed in order for it all to contribute to and develop the experience that is but the root of what is to come in the coming expressions that we will all be creating.


Yes, we are all the creators of this and other worlds. We came to this planet in order to begin this leg of the journey. We are serving each other and the Creator in ways that we had not thought of, because what we are finding  is the potential of what we are all capable of. We have the creative ability that the Creator knew to be limitless, and we are expressing that in every moment.


What we, from the Mushaba energy are serving is to bring about the issues of racial equality, or the idea that color is less than in the expression of life. We came to exercise the possible expressions that could come from the color and how it concerns the outcome in any thing that is created. Once this issue is explored, and discovered to be a deciding factor in going further in what color is all about, then the creations brought forward in that idea will be not about race, but about what the color brings forth in life and how it can emit the tones of the Creator and ourselves as One. We are all one, as you know. With that truth we can bring about a whole new paradigm blessed with that knowledge and the potential it has to bring continual joy and peace of mind to our lives. It also has the potential right this moment to assist us to bring this present experience to a wonderful way of solving any issues that are with us in this moment and forever.


As we all look at what the circumstances on earth and beyond are adding to all of expression right now, we can see beyond it with the idea that the color of the skin can relate to the tones in which we communicate with each other and all of life. It is not about the color of the skin, or the clothes we wear, or the furniture that we bring into our homes. It is about how we express with each other and all of life in this universe and beyond that brings about the completeness of how we flow with each other in the vestiges of communication in Love.


I have been with you this day in communication to add a little something to your life in these times of change. Since all factors of life are present with us in every moment, this is something that you can look at and see how it influences your moves, your thoughts and your living the moment in everything that you experience. I am with you in everything that you do, feel and are. We are all one and the Creator is in joy with all that you are experiencing because it brings us all to the promised equality that is our Oneness. Even the issues that are not so welcome and don't bring us joy and peace, are part of what we create as a whole. Knowing that, you can see that anything that you do in joy, peace and love can bring total harmony to the planet and beyond. I leave this message now in total Love for us all.



Thank you dear Mushaba,

Much Love, Nancy Tate