March 25, 2015               Click here for Printable


Hello Dear Ones,

As I awoke this morning I saw a light being flowing in and out, shining with white, silver and gold, in joyous rhythm. She identified herself as Marada, a star beacon of light and love. She told me that she is here to work with all of life on Gaia to return to the pristine beingness and evolve beyond. Here is her message to all of us.


Wake up Call: Marada, March 25, 2015


I am here today to introduce myself to all of you. I am Marada, a star beacon of light and Love. I appeared to this one, Nancy, this morning as she was awakening from her slumber. I told her that I am here to work with all of life on Gaia to restore you all to your original pristine beauty and then to evolve beyond that.


It has been awhile since any of you have walked with me. I knew at some point that I had to elevate myself from earth and go out into the origins that I began in, indeed as we all began in. As I did that I felt the promise that I would be coming back to you at some point in your evolution to be with you in the journey that you are in now. Yes, we are all in this together, and we have each walked in many stars and many other aspects of this universe.


As we ascend to the vastness that we once knew we take ourselves into a progoritory place of being. By that I mean that it is a state of being that speaks of how we began and what our progress points to at this moment in time. It is all about the glory that we once expressed in our own beingness in relation to all expressions of the Creator's intent. I speak of that in terms of all of us being one with the Creator, for there is nothing that is not part of the whole.


As you come full circle and see the entrance into the newness of the circle, then you will realize that there is no stopping of anything; there is no end. Everything is in oneness and that is as expansive as we choose it to be. We are the Creators of what we express and experience. We are the oneness that has the power to give and receive as we sit and ponder what is out there yonder in the glowing light of the universe. We know that on some level even now, that we are in for an incredible wonderful journey that we are now sowing the seeds for.


As I sit with you all and see what you are expressing now, I see the promise that awaits you to realize what your choices have brought you to. There is coming a backward glance at what you have considered as momentous, and what it will be considered in the coming times. In the expansiveness of what you are capable of you will see what could come from the absence of what you consider the wealth to bring you. You are in for a decisive upturning of ideas that will bring you to a new way of observing the abilities that you have to bring yourself to a wondrously, peaceful way of seeing life and how you can bring that into being.


It is a fine time to be on earth at this time. "What is she saying?" you wonder, considering what is in turmoil all over the planet. I tell you now that you will know what I mean in an instant and then you will walk in the power of the peace and joy that can turn around the utmost destructive energy into the ultimate loving expression in an instant. All you need do it to see the world as it was in your middle eye and then live it. Be that image that you see and that feeling that emerges throughout your beingness. That is the magic of creativity. That is the ability that you have not only for your life, but for all of life on the planet.


I will be here at any moment for any one of you to rise with all of our family and to see that picture that is in front of us and all around us that we create in the intention that we express for the presentness of Gaia and all of us, as we ride through the flowing energies of the universe. We do so with the original energies of the Mushaba Love Essence and the Christ Consciousness. We do so in our own expression of that oneness of which I speak.


I shall return, and I shall speak through any of you who are in the position of intent and desire to bring forth this energy and flow it in a harmonious expression of the wholeness that we are. All is Love and kindness, peace and joy in expression, and oneness that is immeasurable for ever and ever into the unlimitedness of Love. Peace is with us always, all we need do is to feel it and joyfully express it in our every movement. Love is all of Us.


Thank you so very much dear Marada,

Much Love, Nancy Tate