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St. Germain


Nancy: Is there anything else that you wish to tell us about the RV, etc at this time?


St Germain: I wish to say this; there is coming a transition from the old financial system to the new one, which is already in place awaiting the button to be pushed for the freedom from all the old encumbrances. It is that there will be a reunion with all of the cabal that are left on this planet and all of those other cabal who are on the planet on which we keep them cloistered. There is a planned time when the rules of thumb that are in the works by the cabal will be given their freedom of release, and then the energies of the universal order of Love will flow into the space that was encumbered by the cabalís orders.


When that happens it will be as a light of truth that springs forth for all who are involved in the peace, joy and love movement around the planet to spring forth and move in their new found freedom to enlighten the paths for all of mankind. Of course it is up to the ones who are still asleep to awaken and walk in the truths that are around them. It is a matter of them choosing their timeliness according to what they feel that comes flowing through their beingness. There is a certain frequency that is designed to awaken that sense of newness in them, and it is set to spring forth when the issues around the globe reach a certain level of truth.


N: Then you are saying that it is predestined for those people here to awaken, according to the frequency that is present. Does that mean that the Creator, or you beautiful beings, will lift the frequencies, or will it be something else?


St. Germain: It is that the events that are taking place, and the response that people are having are all tied together. As each person raises their vibration even one degree, it affects at least 1 other person. This means that in the Allness of humanity there is a constancy of growing and lifting the vibration of the planet exponentially. Because of this with each new expression of Love and togetherness there is an expansion of energetic empowerment. That in turn increases the vibration, and the return to Love is imminent.


More and more you are all realizing the power you have. You are expressing that power by searching within, rather than outside of yourself. It is one thing to reach out to those who represent something that is not in harmony with your life and tell them that it is time to change what they are doing, such as the petitions that are circulating the globe, and the people who are going out into the streets in peace and power expressing and demanding their freedom. It is a more powerful way of solving the issues than reaching out and asking the angels and masters to help them, as the people did on Maldek. It is a wonderful example of how you are all exercising your power, and the freedom to speak and move in it. You learned from your experience on Maldek, and you are heading for the return to perfection of this beautiful planet Gaia, as is your destined expression.


Living your power of freedom, creativity and Love is what will bring you to that which you intend for yourselves and all of live on earth. From that return you will then be able to go forth into the universe and explore it with the rest of your family. We look forward to that reunion! For Now, we stand with you in what you do in every moment, for that is the power of your creativity in action. Feel the Peace, Joy and Love that is the perfection of your every moment.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate