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My Gift From Mom


I received an email a few days ago from one of my sisters. She told me that if there was anything left in our mother’s house that I would like to have to let them know. One of them lives in the same town that Mom did, and she and her husband will be buying the house and moving in, in the next few months. They will be taking all of the furnishings, etc, that members of the family do not care to have to a thrift store in a neighboring town.


Soon after reading the email I fell into a null feeling for the rest of the day; I didn’t realize where it was coming from until late afternoon. Then I knew it came from another aspect of letting go of my memories of the home our Dad built, that we grew up in, and then visited many times over the years after we left home and began a life on own, up into the present time. When Mom passed in August 2011, we all knew that it would take some time for us to process her being gone. Once I realized where my null feeling came from, it lifted a bit.


A couple mornings later I awoke from a dream. The dream was like waking up to the day, and though it seemed to last for a few minutes, it also felt like it was barely in the instant before waking. In the dream, I was outside at Mom’s house with someone. I was walking up onto the deck, which faced east, and I looked up into the sky above the various trees that circled the backyard. I saw a wide sweep of a filmy, white rim of light clouds that encircled the expanse of sky there.


As I paused for a moment and looked over the rest of the sky that I could see, I saw more of that kind of clouds mounting. I knew I had to go in and tell Mom to come out and look, because I knew that she had to see it. I hurried into the house and went to her sitting there a few steps from the door. I said, ”Mom you have to come and see what I’m seeing!” I hurried her out the door onto the deck, holding her in an embrace.


As we looked up into the sky in the next moments the light clouds kept forming. We looked over the peak of Bigelow Mt., which was directly ahead of us in the near distance. As we looked, there were wisps of half rings of light clouds forming over the mountain. I said to her, “See Mom, this is what you had to see!” Suddenly all of the light clouds were deepening and taking a stronger shape. They were beautifully glowing in a white light. I then realized that Mom and I were in a tight embrace, and even though she had been fragile when I brought her onto the deck, she was now holding me, and I her, in an embrace that was so strong that it was as if we were one.


I told Bob about the dream over breakfast that day. As I was telling him and recognizing the symbology of it, I suddenly realized what it was telling me. Mom now knows the truth of what I had been telling her in bits and pieces over the past 15 years or so since I had truly begun awakening to my Spirit. It was the first visit I was aware of having with her since she passed in August. She came to tell me that now she knows. I truly felt released of the largest part of her being gone, and what that meant. I now feel her love and understanding all the time. The closeness that I feel is truly a gift. Glad to have you back Mom! It feels so good!


Thank you dear Mom,

Love, Nancy