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Today marks the day of another solar flare that is heading toward earth with a magnitude that can surpass any that has been so far. It has the potential to wipe out the area that includes all of downtown Manhattan and the surrounding 20 miles. I tell you this to also enable you to see what we are capable of when the need be. Even though this flare could cause great damage, it will not because the vibration of earth at this time is in a position that will dilute the energy of the flare and reduce it to a size that will bring about heavy weather activity such as high winds and heavy precipitation.


This is what you have been able to accomplish with your increasing vibratory makeup. You as a humanitarian group are increasing your vibration enough to be able to work with us inside the earth and all those surrounding the earth to ward off any disturbances that in the past have brought great disasters. Now it is a matter of being able to see what is coming in the Mindís Eye and to send tremendous amounts of love toward the incoming flares and to decrease the strength of potential to a minimum.


Do you see what power you have? Do you see that now you are able to create that which you intend for yourselves and this planet? It is with the power of your love that you bring the energies to the desired outcome. You have the ability to create your world in a way that resounds throughout humanity in a way that speaks of, and moves in the direction of peace and harmony.


I tell you this now as well to introduce to you a movement that is going to take place with the Mushaba Force and the ones who stand in that power to bring about a great intercession with all of life in the universe and here on the planet in relation to the Sun in your solar system and the Central Sun, which is in the center of earth. With this movement will come the unspoken intent of all who are tuned in and have the intent to make a giant leap to the harmony of the planet with the rest of the universe. As the days continue to bring about further increases of activity that serves mankind and all life on earth you will be given more information about this coming movement through Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. This will be a powerful movement, and the more who tune in and participate, the more powerful will be the result. You may read the introductory message from Anakhanda at the end of this Wake up Call. It will also be attached for your convenience.


You will find in the coming times that as the momentum continues to climb toward the intended peak of the freedom of humanity on earth, there will be many instances in which the magnitude of the solar flares will be counteracted by the various intended actions that those on and within the planet take. They will be joining with those who live in the heavens who are in place to be in co-operation with all of you to bring about these last stages of your ascension. As this continues there will be many times when another leap is made, and that is when you will feel and even see the differences, in many cases.


I bring you this information now in order for you to be on the lookout for the changes that are coming your way. You will be informed of what I speak with the Mushaba movements and the solar flares and the ways that your influence can bring about positive results in the evolvement of this planet and yourselves. You will be informed of more details through Nancy and through Anakhanda as to what is to take place with the movements and how you can be a part of it.


As for the solar flares, be aware of any celestial events that are spoken of in the news and on the internet, or felt through the weather extremes, and earth movements that may come as a result of the flares and the interaction of the earth plates with the outside influences. Know that anything that comes about is to be reduced in size because of what you have accomplished as the powerful beings that you are in co-operation with your universal family from within and throughout the universe. Anything that comes about that results in earth changes and changes within each and every one of you will be because it is the intended process that will assist you and Gaia to come to ascension.


I leave this message now with the knowledge that all is well and all is in sync with the Creator. Go into your day knowing that you are the keepers of the flame of love and strength and that you walk in the energy of Love at all times. Have a joyful day and walk in peace and love knowing you are powerful.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate





Greetings Everyone!


The call is going out for a worldwide participation in Selfless and self Service! The Mushaba Council of 12 Masters is calling people together from around the world to participate in this monumental event!


There is to be a Minimum of 12 sets of 12 =144 people each on the Surface, in the Inner Earth, in the Hollow Earth! This will be facilitated by:

On the Surface: Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba and the Mushaba Family,

In the Inner Earth: Adama

In the Hollow Earth: Hebechaia.


The approx. 80,000 Mushaba Beings that are living in the Hollow Earth will be participating. This is something that they have been waiting for and the time is now here! It is to take place on all three levels with at least 12 sets of 12 or more. The number 3 represents the energy of completion.


The sun of our earth will be interfaced with the Mushaba symbol as it shines and rains down its rays upon the earth. The beings that live in the Sun will be participating in this as well. The rays from the sun will not only saturate the entire planet but will also affect all within the planet. The sun will emit an energy blended with the Mushaba Force that has never been available before! The only tool you will need is a Mushaba Symbol!


This powerful ceremony will have 2 Primary objectives.


Selfless Service- Love to Mother Earth, all upon it and all that is within, which includes the central sun within the Hollow earth, and its inhabitants, and the inner Earth and its inhabitants. It is to activate the Mushaba Force even more powerfully throughout the earth, exploding the energy of freedom and empowerment to all people. It is a complement to what the Aborigines Tribe from Africa did when they activated the seeds of peace. This freedom and empowerment will include everything that it takes to allow this to happen from the physical, mental, and spiritual and all that it entails.


Self Service- Personal Ė This is your opportunity to give service to yourself, and love to yourself by celebrating, creating and manifesting whatever it is that you desire for your life! You can include personal issues, health, finance, jobs, relationships, spiritual growth and opening etc.


Everyone from across the world can participate and join in the ceremony! All you have to do is to listen to the call if you are not able to be on the call. The same exact energy that is activated on that call will be activated when you listen to it. The ceremony and all involved with it will be time-set to activate at a particular time. This way when it does, it will be as if everyone across the globe activated and did the ceremony at the exact same time! So no one will be left out! The full details will be explained on day of event!


If you donít already have a Mushaba Symbol you can purchase one at: Look for button that says Symbols, and click on Symbols. All prices include shipping within the USA. All international orders please add $12.00 for shipping due to the different cost for the intentional shipping.


Question From Reader: I'm confused why we need to purchase a Mushaba Symbol.


Anakhanda: The answer to this is that I am doing this event as a gift of love and not putting any charges on the event in any way. I could have asked for an offering to participate for this is how I make my living. I have been doing free tele-conferencing for the last 3 months at no charge to all participants where I usually charge $20.00.


When I ask those beings involved in this project about participation fee's, it was suggested that I simply ask for a fee for the symbol which would allow me to recoup my cost for packaging and shipping and the printing of the symbol as well as my time and travel to and from the post Office. Also too, a special ceremony is performed on each symbol ordered to add an  additional energetic imprint that is not a normal part of the symbol. This imprint will include energies from the Inner and Hollow earth as well as the Beings within the Sun of our world.  So there is a great deal of time and effort being put into this for everyone's benefits. I am not even breaking even on the cost that is being asked for the symbol. I hope this helps you understand a little better why there is a fee.

(Nancy's Reminder of the part of the information above: 'The sun of our earth will be interfaced with the Mushaba symbol as it shines and rains down its rays upon the earth.' )