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I am Horus once again this day, and I am here to bring you up to date on a message that Adama brought forth in Sept of 2007. In that report he told of changes that were taking place, and what was behind several of the issues that have been in place since this whole experience on earth began. In that message Adama told of what was being done and had taken place at that time. I now go from there.


With all that has been taking place in the world and the assistance from the family in the universe, we are cleaning up much of the debris that has been accumulated by the ones who seek to disempower humanity. We are clearing away the nuclear waste activity that has been prevalent and are seeing to it that no more is brought into the environment.


We are clearing away the substances that have been accumulated by the use of pesticides and irresponsible behavior by the ones who would see the use of these to disallow the power that you all are created with. We see that there is much that can be done in this way by all of you, and that many of you are stepping into that ability and making a difference. We applaud your courage and the necessity for your continued powerful actions.


As we search into the caverns and underground storage facilities we make sure that there is nothing left behind that can stir up the old ideas of poisons and flagrant use of substances that can bring about more cloudiness of the healthy environment that is coming back to realization on earth. We see that the combined energy of your participation, and your intent that all be restored to itís pristine state is setting in place that which earth originally had.


We also look into the forests, mountains, and oceans to see that there is nothing left there that can bring havoc and destruction to earth life in any way. We find that there are things that represent the life off planet as well as the life that was here many, many years ago. The remains of that life are in place as examples of the truth of the historical records that are being found and broadcast to those who are in a mind to receive them. This will continue until all is open and remembered by all of you who choose to remain and be a part of the coming of age of this life on earth, as it is in part with the rest of the universe.


You are all in your ways taking part in the revitalization of not only the surface, but of what will one day be revisited within the earth. You are readying yourselves for the awakening that will tell you what it is that you are here for and why you have experienced, that which to many seems such a benign way of living. There are so many examples that continue to come into the open of how widespread the illusions are on the planet at this time. This is part of the process of reawakening all of you to what is soon to be seen as the truth, finally laid before your eyes and inherent in your hearts and minds.


As we wind down this message and encourage all of you to step forward in your next inspiration, we see that you are one step ahead of what you comprehend in your mindís eye. You are living the next moment in so many cases that it is apparent to us that you are more aware of the truth of your existence than you realize. We encourage you to see this as a wake up call to the truth of what you are living and garnering from what is taking place around you. See the little truths coming to you from some of the mainstream news and events. See the minute emergence of many of the opinions of those who would try to convince you that all is not what your inner voice is telling you. Let go of what the voices outside of you are saying and know that the inner voice that is so gentle, yet powerful and sure is the one that can lead you into the new way of being you. You will see how powerfully that you can create a world in which you will persevere and live in harmony with all life on and within earth, and in the universe.


We welcome you back to yourselves. As you see us emerge and walk with you from our various places within the earth and from off the planet, you will know that the voice that you have been paying attention to within is your own innate knowing that you are not alone and that you are so powerful to have created this return back to yourselves.


I now ask Nancy to bring to your attention a part of the message that Adama gave you those few years ago. You may read the whole message by visiting: .


I, Adama, of Telos and the Galactic Federation, envoy to the people of inner and surface earth do stand by and remain in service to the total and complete removal and obliteration of the nuclear energy on earth for now and in the future. As earth is restored to her perfection any and all of the presence of nuclear energy at this time and at any other time on the history of this planet will be obliterated and cleared from the energy of Gaia, earth Mother of All. We stand in readiness to celebrate with you when the earth is ready for the restoration and jubilation of the New Golden Age.


Hold your light and love, with peace in your heart and joy in your step as these last days, weeks and months bring to a close this chapter of the book of dreams for the ascension of earth and all life within and on her surface. In the name of the Christed Energy we leave this transmission and honor your coming to this time and stage of your new way of being.



Thank you dear Horus and Adama,

Love, Nancy Tate