March 26, 2012               Click Here for Printable, Click Here por Espanol




I am here today with some pressing news. Today is a day filled with unprecedented events. First we are taking the liberty to welcome many of your political and financial leaders to our ships. We are to see to it that they are interspersed throughout the solar system on various places of life where we have bases and means of comfort. We will be interviewing these people and will take charge of the means by which they are told to be in readiness for what is to come for them. They will be given the choice as to whether to come to a different way of seeing things and their interaction with all of you, or to be taken to other places to begin their reassignments to their return to themselves, at the deepest core of their being.


Secondly, we are part of the process that is realigning your energies with that of the Central sun. We are intervening with these energies and with the Hollow Earth beings we are including our services with them in the effort to begin the transformation of the surface of earth. As this evolves over the next months we will begin a series of overtures that will be relative to the ongoing process of restoring the pristine beauty and life to earth and all of life on and within her body. As the Central Sun intervenes and in that way increases her vitality so too will you benefit and share that new vitality with her. It will be an ongoing interception and evolving in the Oneness that you are. You are all part of the energy of earth, therefore as is her image, so too is yours.


As this process takes place we will be given much assistance from Gaia and we too to her. We will see that there is an ongoing extension that will bring about the resolution of the issues that have plagued mankind for so long. These issues will be resolved and the wonders of the true nature of mankind will come to the surface. There will be an ongoing evolution of what it means to be in truth with oneself and to take on the attitude of honesty and harmony with all of life. It will be a universal system of restoration and will be followed by a continual evolvement and exploration of the universal gifts that await these times of opening.


I bring to you the first in a series of treasures for the ongoing evolvement. It is a course of restoration for those who wish to remain on the surface. We will be coming to earth to work with you in the business of bringing the ideal life to the world that you are in the process of creating. You will be working within and on the surface. There will be members of your humanity who will be chosen to come to our ships regularly for meetings with us. As we come to meet with you on the earth we will bring with us those with whom you will be working and creating. In this you will feel the newness of our family and how it feels to walk in the steps of whom you really are, and how we can all walk in harmony and beauty forevermore.


As these times take shape we assure you that your safety is uppermost in our minds. We are working, as we have been for some time, on keeping you as safe and in as good heath as is necessary for you to be able to be with us, taking the pleasure for celebration at every turning point. Those who have left your planet to begin the next step of their evolvement will welcome you to their new world. They will have made their choice to be here and to present to you their new way of relating to you. As for those who have left that you will not be reunited with in the soon times, they have gone to reunite with their family in other star systems. They may at some point revisit you in one way or another. It is all universal; there is no separation in this universe. We are all members of the same family. As we reunite we will hear the bells toll for the coming together of the beauty of family throughout this universe that was created for all of us to experience this wondrous expression of who we all are.


I leave this message for this day, and in so doing I invite you all to take a moment and feel the love that I transmit to you. It is a love that encompasses all of Creation, and it is filled with the Love of reuniting all that is. You are treasures beyond compare, and I welcome you back to the Family of One.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate