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I am Adama from Telos, Inner Earth. I come today to add to what has already been said through you. It is time now to get down to business, and the first order of such is that you all take a moment and take a breath of clear fresh air. You can do that no matter what the air is like around you. Take a deep breath, and while holding it take the moment to bless your life and what it has brought you. In that moment the air around you will purify and take on the blessings that you hold within yourself. In that moment there will be a new beginning for you and it will be laden with love and new promise for your life.


As we prepare to come to the surface even more than we have been, we are seeing that there are more and more of you who are in the midst of clearing out what has been in storage for so long. We are allowing you the time to clear out enough of it to be able to think for yourselves and make decisions based on what you know to be truth, and what you welcome back to your sense of well-being.


I speak now through Nancy because it is time for her to realize why she is here in Mt Shasta. It is time for her to bring messages forth to the community of where she lives, and to the community of the rest of the planet. I will be speaking through her, as well as will Horus and Hatonn, and various others. We are all here at this time to deliver information and glad tidings through many of you on the planet. As we do so we bring with the information plenty of love and truth that can be regarded as the keys to your new-found freedom.


There are so many ways in which you are seeing that you have lost so much of your freedom. There are also many of the youth on the planet who have no idea what freedoms they have lost, for they have not experienced them in their present lifetime. They will be learning from you who know what it is to be able to walk the roads unencumbered by signs telling you what to do and what not to do. They will realize as they watch you take back your freedom what it is to walk through life in a loosely regarded way. This may seem strange and even against the laws of life for them, until they walk in those shoes and see how wonderful it can feel, once they have stepped out of the fear of the consequences should they disobey the laws.


I am not suggesting that you all go out and flagrantly go against what has been set in place as laws. I am merely suggesting that every one of you do what you can to follow the laws of life. I am saying that for the time being it is wise to follow what is termed right, and to then see what feels good and free and what does not. That will give you all the idea of what to walk forward toward in a knowing way. What is it that tells you that it is against the laws of nature and your inner strength? What can you do to receive that back in your life? Realize that as you do this, as you discern from within, you will be opening the doors to turning around the steps that have been taken to secure your imprisonment on this planet you call home. Then it is up to you to seek the next step from within and go forward in being able to peacefully and with love re-establish the freedom to live your life on this planet in the way that eases you all into the harmony that is inherent within.


I am telling you now that we are here to assist you with this. We speak through many wonderful messengers, and as we do we bring to you the insight that we have that can open doors for you. We are able to instill in you the knowledge that you have the ability to find within your own power the ability to stand in strength. You are able to claim you rights as beings of light and residents of this planet and the universe. You all are walking in that place, and you step through the divine dance of freedom in one way or another, in one dimension or another.


We are here for you in every moment. Some of you will see us in a glance looking through your car windows as we pass by. Others will see us on your doorstep when you respond to a knock on your door. Still others will pass us in a store, or on a street, and cast a smile, returned to ours. We will be visiting many of you, and according to the readiness you have attained to recognize us, you will be able to communicate with us in a way that you are in place to do. We are ready for you to respond and we will give you all the love that we can muster in a glance, a long afternoon of talk, or anything in between.


So, for now dear ones, we are in readiness to walk with you and to speak through many who are ready for their parts in this. We love you all so much! We are ready for the reunion and we will hug any of you who are ready for the recognition of the family embrace. Take a moment or two, or many, to stop and take a breath that revitalizes the air around you. Then in that next breath reach out and touch someone who comes along and smiles that knowing smile. No matter who it is, it will make a difference in their lives, and in yours. I leave you now to your day, and I sing your praises throughout existence.


Thank you dear Adama,

Love, Nancy Tate