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Wake up Call: Universal Configuration of Beings, March 01, 11


We are here to day to tell you that there is to be no way that this planet will collide with another, or will be destroyed in any way. This planet is destined to bring all of you to a beautiful ascension that will equal non other. Since its time as a single planet unto itself in separation from it’s original body, earth has seen many obstacles come its way and many overtures taken in the energy of destruction.


However earth has become a much watched and loved planet in the solar system and the universe at large. It represents the very epitome of substantiation in its originality and form. Since it was separated from its other part it has withstood many evolutionary changes and events. It has become the picture of what this universe stands for, and it is about to realize its destined plan.


As we go forth and see the outcome of what is about to take place, we are in awe of what is being done on its surface. We see that some of what is within is being expressed on the surface and beyond. Yes we say beyond for that is where the outreach is. It is a matter of the earth reaching out to her family of other celestial bodies and asking for assistance in these final stages.


As the others in her family hear her voice and see her glow, they realize that the time is now for them to lend their energetic assistance and send forth their love and support. They are taking their prerogative to be there for these last remaining steps in the evolution of this particular phase of the evolution of their dearly beloved Gaia.


What they are doing is to send out their energy of love and direction for the oncoming realignment of earth with her other half. Maldek, who now resides in the celestial belt encircling the sun in the solar system, will be realigning himself on the level of soul reinstatement with Gaia and will come into his best energy of oneness with her. At that time earth will have become one once more with her original form and then the energy will be in place for the life on her body to also feel that alignment and they will reach into their deepest selves and feel that oneness from which they came.


When I speak of the life on earth, I refer to all forms of life, from the one-celled ameba to the largest most intricately formed lifeforms on the planet. As this takes place anything that is not in alignment with that oneness will fall away and be returned to the Source to begin anew their evolution in the time mechanism from which they have fallen. This is what is termed on earth the fallen angels who will return to Source to begin again.


We do not wish to bring anything but love into this message for this is a reminder of who you are and what you are capable of. We are seeing you begin to retouch your knowing and to respond in ways that enable you to allow the release of all that is not in tune with who you are. We see that all of the uprisings on earth are the result of the realignment and are not a surprise to us, nor are they unexpected.


We continue to monitor your progress and as we do we see a speeded acceleration that far surpasses what we had seen would take place. This is because with this evolutionary jump you are making you have set into place a new way of being in the flow with what is a constantly changing universe. This is one of the factors that were brought into the grid of the universe at the beginning. It was seen that as the universal creations came into being there would at some point be an evolutionary jump that would only be seen from the standpoint of what was deemed possible in the moment.


This opens up the possible outcomes of the moment to a degree that is not measurable. It brings the moment into fullness and takes it to the ninth degree of creation and then expands it beyond the present moment to mean that there is always a moment of future in the works as the evolutionary process takes place. With this potential there is soon to be a ‘squeaking’ of the tones of creation as it changes to one of a substance that has not been heard/experienced ever before.


Think of what that means. Consider the power that you have in this moment to create anew in the original energy from which you came. As you came forth into this new universe created in the energy of the Mushaba Force as well as the expression of the Christed energy, you brought with you the ability to see far beyond who you were at the time and on into your evolutionary process. You brought the potential to always be one step ahead of the experience and to know that there is no end to what you can do and to whom you choose to be in that experience.


There was a point in your evolution when you could have ended this call to eternal potential, and that was back at the time just before the harmonic convergence on your planet and in the hearts and souls of all of life. Yes, all of life on earth joined together in intent to be able to take that leap into the present state of being that you are now expressing in. You are now in that process that you created that superceded the expected annihilation of the planet to return to Source and begin, once again the process of evolution that you have experienced twice before.


Yes, we tell you now that you have experienced this evolutionary process that took you to a certain point and then you reached the epic proportions of expression from which you could see no escape from extinction. What brought you to this present evolutionary process was your ability to see at that point in your growth that you had left that old idea behind and could now see the glow of ascension beckoning you from where you stood.


Not only that, you could see us, the universal configuration of beings smiling at you, in the knowing that you had made it. We saw that you were so clear in your new direction and we cheered you on and you heard us. Of course we did so in a way that you could respond to in the innermost beingness in which you stood. You felt so deeply not only your connection with the life on earth of all forms and thought; you also felt and could see in your inner showcase all of creation in this vast universe that was created in your image and by your intent.


Yes, you are the ones who came in the image of yourselves, for you are the creators of your vast home here is the creation energy that has no end. You are about to embark on the most powerful force of energetic creation that has ever been seen to be possible. You are undergoing all of this strife and upheaval on your planet because it is shuddering and shaping itself into the new way of being that requires a pristine and clear body upon which to express from within and resonate far out into the universe and beyond.


We are slowing down now in our speaking with you for there is much that we can see will come from this message. We see that as these words resonate through all of you there will be a singing tone that will reverberate around the planet and then will resonate out into the atmosphere and begin the healing, clearing process along with all of your family who are in place surrounding your planet to pick up the tones and distribute them throughout the universe grid that speaks to the wholeness. This is the resonance that tells all of existence that all is well and in oneness and the readiness is being accomplished for the first access to the destined outcome of this evolutionary period to come to be.


We end this communication now with the admonition that even if you do not resonate with this information, all that is resonates with you. You are deeply and clearly loved by all that is, and you will realize that at some point and come back home to yourself. Your power will be realized and you will sing through the rest of your existence in harmony with all that is. And that is indeed Grand.


Thank you dear Universal Configuration of Beings,

Love, Nancy Tate