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Wake Up Call: Gaia, March 14, 11


I went outside at sunset and while I was there I realized that I had not been spending enough time out in nature and that is why I am losing touch with my wanting to do readings, etc.


At some point after I'd been there I was listening to the neighborhood owl I the palm tree just above me, and soon I tuned in to him. He told me some things about how it will be when parts of Lemuria and Atlantis re-emerge as the bright spots that they were. Also that the surrounding areas of land and waters will then take on the brightness of those that have re-emerged.


But the important thing is that I realized that I have missed getting out in nature. That is one of the reasons that the illuminati is attacking mother nature so much and that is why she is telling us to get into her and not let them direct their attention to the places in which they are trying to defeat her, for there is no way that they can defeat her, for she is undefeatable. She can spurt forth her growth and power in ways that they cannot imagine and as she does so she is building a new body that will support only that which is in her vibrational intent. 


In her words: So do what you want and see what you perceive to be the truth of what your power is, and this I say to those who feel that they can overcome me, for I am so in tune with what you think your truth is that I can see that this truth of yours is only based on what you want and not what you believe can be. Do you understand what I am saying? What you want and what you believe are two different things based on what you know to be your truth and what you think is the truth based on what you fear.


I am here to tell you now that I know what is best for my family and I know that you are only here because I invited you to come and share in what I know to be truth. Whether you believe in what I say or not is up to you. It is the decision you make that determines whether or not you are able to remain here or you will have to leave. That is my telling you to stay at my table, or you must leave in order to keep my house as pure and stable as it must be, for we are based in the only truth that is and it is based on the truth of all of existence.


I will come to the resolution of what must be accomplished through the agreements of all who choose to leave my body at this time. Once the agreements are sanctified I will bring to a close that which is called asunder and I will declare that only those who see themselves in accordance with what I, and the Creator have deemed to be the best according to what we all see as the best for our lives, will be the way that it will be. We are one, and anything that is not in harmony with that Oneness will be told to leave and to come into a state of oneness before their return can happen.


I am in tears with all that is taking place that creates tears that resound with mine. I too see that those who leave my body and carry on in the ways that they are bound to are taking their own places in the network of the return to my body and the ways in which I will turn this all around. Through the intervention of the Galactic Federation and the ones who are on earth at this time I am in place for the turning of the tides and the return to the plaintive voices of love and peace forever for all eternity. I will settle for no less, and that is in accordance with all of the celestial beings that have come into accordance with me, and all of my family here on the body we call earth.


I will no longer accept the plaintive voices of the apertures of sanctity that say that we are here to dirty and deface your body, for we are stronger than you are. I say that I, along with all of my family are stronger and more at home with what it will take to clear our home of that which is not in accordance with that which we cherish as our own peace of mind and the way to keep it in line with what we know to be the best there is in accordance with what we know to be the way to live and to harmonize with each other throughout all of existence.


So through this person I am saying that there is no way that you or anyone else can lead the voice of truth through the tunnels of farcity, and that there is only one way to go. That is through the variances of the only way to speak the truth to one another. That is through the resonance that creates that which is desired and known to be the best there is for all of existence.


I stand now in solace for those who have lost what they see to be those who they feel they will never see again. I tell you all that as this treasure of movements within my body continues it will bring forth so much truth and knowledge that will set us all free. You will soon realize that there is only one way to the knowledge of love and peace. That is through the very existence of that which is working to overcome us. In that way we are given the opportunity to see that which we are not. And the best way that we can benefit from that is to be the most of what and who we are. Do that and you will have reached the pinnacle of that which you have reached for.


I remain in you the very existence of that which you stand for. I offer unto you that which is the bloodstream of your existence and that, which will bring to you the rightfulness of your being on my body, which I give unto you. We shall stand forevermore in the truth that no matter what they do unto us we shall be here for all of eternity and they shall be welcome back when and only when they have seen the treasure of their own true beingness.


And so it is, dear ones; and so it is, forevermore.


Thank You dear Gaia,

Love, Nancy Tate