March 30, 2011              


The Collective


We are here today to let you know that you are loved and that you are not alone. As the events on earth take place and seek to find the solutions to the essences of the evolutionary processes you are experiencing, we take what initiatives we can to help you through that which you have called forth in co-operation with Mother Earth. You are operating on a soul level, bound in love and creativity with your Spirit, to raise the level of your vibratory energy in order to meet the timetable you have set in place to be able to ascend in harmony with all life not only on earth but in your solar system, and all of the universal energies that are in play in this process.


There is no separation in this universe. Even when it seemed there was on Maldek it was only because of the physical separation of one part of Tiamat with the other. This was done in order to set up the system for the duality in which you have been experiencing that which you are not, but that you only seem to be.


Realize that there never was a separation and therefore you do not have to create the oneness again. It never left you; it just seemed to have. That is the power in which you create what you intend. We are not saying that you called for all of the lives that have been leaving the planet and all of the trials and tribulations. These are examples of what you set into place to happen as a result of the overall plan and how it is working itself out.


There is nothing in this world that you see around you that is not a creation of that which you bring through your vibratory communication with each other. Every one of you does your part in creating your world in order to experience that which you are and which you are not, and to be able to see the difference. As you come closer to the vibration in which you will be able to understand completely what degree of your power you are using in this evolvement you will be able to come to the truth of what is taking place.


You will see that none of the people who have left the planet in the latest episode of evacuation, as well as all of the others who left in their own chosen ways, are gone from you. They are still a part of the wholeness in which you exist. They have left the earthplane and are awaiting your recognition just one step beside you in the reality of the Oneness that never dies.


We are feeling the compassion and the sorrow with which you look at what happens in your world at these times of shifts in energy. They way they spell out the variety of the means of reawakening can be very disheartening to you, we understand this completely for we stand in your shoes and feel the emotions in your hearts. We stand with you and we give you solace and all the love that we have and more, for you are the brave ones who are changing the world that you create as every moment goes by in the expression that you live.


We send to you all of the assistance we can according to what you call for on that soul/spirit level for it is in harmony with The Creator Source of us all. We see you in the light of the ultimate creation in expression. We abide by that which we recognize to be truth, and that is what this experience you are creating is all about. It is the discovery of how we can all create in the Truth of the Word of All of Creation. We shall all come back together in the knowledge that we never left each other; it only seemed so on the level in which we created that which we are not.


Feel that truth resonate throughout your beingness. Know that what is taking place in your world on a personal and on a worldwide level is all created in purpose and is all according to what you are capable of. What you will be able to see is according to that which is the best you can be. Your ability for the creation of that which you intend is unlimited. Know this and take it into the rest of your experience on earth and in this universal harmonic creation.


We are The Collective and we see each of you in the perfection of Truth. We are surrounding all of those who recently vacated earth and they are watching you all from their place called Home and sending you all their tremendous love for what you are experiencing right now. They are whispering in your ears to take a moment and see the higher purpose in what is taking place, and then go on with the plan, for they are with you one hundred percent, loving you completely and without sorrow and pain. We are all One, and that is the beauty of all of Creation.


Thank you dear Collective,

Love, Nancy Tate