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There is something going on in the world of dreams. There are many of you who want to go to the planet Jupiter because there are those there who are calling for you. This is in turn with the choice you all have and the opportunity that awaits you there. I recommend that you all take the time to investigate your heartís desires and see what is taking place in the deepest parts of that part of you that is so endeared to the others in the universe.

There is a calling right now to choose which world you are to stay with, or to go with. This is the nature of the dream cycle, because in that dream world you are able to access fully who you are and what the next step is.


I wish to let you know right now that if you choose to go to that world you will be choosing to leave this one and to go where you will be of service not only to this planet but to Jupiter as well. I give you this information because when it is read by those who see this message they will be able to trip the remembrance of their soul as it speaks with their Spirit and to be able to make the decision that is wise and is in keeping with your contract.


Even though soul contracts are being changed in the multiples right now it is a matter of being the one who is in communication with not only your soul, it is also being in communication with all that is. This is a time for all of you to speak with all who come to you in the dream world and recognize that there is nothing that you cannot do, see, feel and be, for it is a time in the history of the universe when the clouds of shame, desperation, fear of all kinds of expression is being reversed to that of love and only love in all expression.


You cannot make a wrong decision; you can only make a decision that is fitting for the moment. This is what you are in line for my dear ones, and you have all called for me to announce this to you at this time in order for the clock to be rendered all time and no time all at once and for you to see the opportunity to meld that idea of time into the moment of Now.


For those of you who will be leaving to go and play out the next steps on Jupiter I give you this word; you are being groomed to tell those on the planet what they have come to this point to hear about earth. You are going to lead the way to their involvement on earth and in the rest of the solar system, for the time has come for this next step to take place. The steps in the evolvement of planet earth and the rest of the solar system is upon us and now those who choose will be welcomed and will be a part of this next step in the freedom of earth in alliance with Jupiter and the rest of the system.


We honor you all, those who go there, and those who stay here on earth, or who go to other planets, such as the Mushaba planet in the Seven Sisters. On that planet will be a letting go of certain obstacles that have been put in place since the onset of the creation of the human on earth. With that letting go there will be a new energy of freedom that will sweep over the earth and the world will begin to claim that which they were born with, the freedom that is inherent in their souls and hearts. They will find it impossible to live in the bounds that they are now in and will spring into action to remove the binds and to live the freedom that is a part of who they are.


I leave you now to your day, and I give you all the love that is you and that is inherently present in all that is.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate