March 22, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here por Espanol


The Collective


We are here today to speak with you about the coming ascension. When it comes to the time when you will see your potential and find the way to reach it, you will already be there. You will have found in the moment of truth the ability you have to be who you are infinitely and you will then, upon that realization, Be that infinity.


From that point on you will jump into all that you have acquired while here on earth, and you will put to use what you have gained and what you are to garner from the experience. You will find that as you proceed from that moment it will be as a period in history will be wiped clean of time and all will be right there, first and foremost in your eternal mind. You will be able to access any part of it at any moment, for it will be all in Oneness.


What you do until that moment is to live your life as you are inspired in every moment and realize that as you climb the rungs of the ladder you find them to be closer and closer to each other. One moment seems to cling to the next and as you climb that unseen bridge from one rung to another you realize that there is great power in the moment and that one is truly part of the other. This difference is that on one level you see the rung that you are on as being apart from the next. When you get to the top one then you will look back and see no rungs, or what seems to be. It will all be you and the beautiful energy platform that you are standing on in that moment.


Right now there is an ongoing sequence of events that is part of the old paradigm. It is gradually coming to itself and becoming one with all that has come before and is to come. As you climb these rungs you will feel more and more like there is no end and what has been is still to come. It will be as there is no sequence; there is instead a series of experience events that are in a spiral and can be addressed at any moment of thought. More and more you will know what is to take place in the coming time and you will be ready for it, for it will be as if you have already lived it, such will be the familiarity of what you experience.


Have you ever seen a play and watched it to the end, knowing that even though it has an end, it goes on forever in some way? This is what it is for you. Once you cross over that last rung, you will be on the road of eternal expression, which is where you have been for all time; now it will be a consciousness with you, and you will begin to lead your life in a way that is not only moving you though the phases of the earth, but through the phases of the whole universe. You will be finding a new way of expression that is born in the experience that you have created in this duality of life on earth.


As you have imbued your every moment in time into Gaia’s body, so too have you imbued it into yours. You have the library of your experience in your DNA and as you release yourself from the density of this life you will be able to sail through the universe and take with you the results of your choice to have this experience. You will be able to share with all of universal life that which you garnered in this earth experience. In so doing you will be adding to the library of the universe on a personal level. Every one of you has your own individual interpretation of the earth experience and you will be able to bring so much to the rest of your universal family. You will be able to add to the ongoing existence in a way that will reap tremendous opportunity for the rest of the universe to go forth in the expression of all of existence, not just in this universe, but also throughout all of Creation. It all starts now, in this moment, because this moment has it all.


As for what is taking place in this moment, take a look at your life, your everyday choices and how it evolves throughout the day. See your series of choices take part in the other people’s choices. See the play that is being played out for all of you. See how intricately it is intertwined and how wonderfully it all works into the beautiful tapestry that you call earthlife. Nevermind seeing it all in the idea of good and bad, right and wrong. Just see it all as part of the process and the decision making that is leading to the ascension of the planet and all life on it. See how wonderfully it all mixes and comes to a form of intricacy that cannot be equaled? And you thought that you were inferior beings! There is no such thing as inferiority. All is equal in every way, or you would not have been able to spin this web as you have done.


Have we given you enough to think about, to give you entertainment for the day? You have given us more than plenty to think about to wonder about, to have awe over. You have given us the thrill of a lifetime and the dedication to work with you though it all. You have given us the tremendous gift of disclosure and the appealing show time that is about to unfold before our eyes as you ascend the last few rungs that are so close together as to be touching.


Now it is your turn to be standing at the door waiting for us to arrive home and take you into your embrace. We are that close; we are that wondrously awaiting your return to the home fires, as you are awaiting us. It is a revolving spinning door and it has no boundaries and no one-sidedness.  It is the door of eternal life, and we are all dancing around it giving it our own blend of song that will open that door and render it invisible forevermore.


We are the Collective, and we are forever with you all.


Thank you dear Wondrous Collective,

Love, Nancy Tate