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The other night Bob and I were watching a BeeGees DVD and as they were singing a tribute to their brother Andy who passed away some years ago, I suddenly was getting the feeling that Andy wanted to speak through me. I hurried to my computer, and the following is what I got.


Also, you will see, after what Andy told me, is something that Robin told me in 2008. I include it here because it represents that when we are attracted to some music, writing, art, etc more than other’s it very often means that we have a connection with them, perhaps in other lives, or because of a frequency connection in some way in this lifetime. That is the way it is with me and the BeeGees since I re-introduced myself to their music in 2008.



Andy Gibb, March 10, 10


Andy is saying that he went to where he is because he needed to see for himself that there is something better than singing with you my dear brothers. He knows that there was nothing else that could be sweeter and more wholesome than being with God and with the angels who came to him throughout all of the time he was on earth.


It was a grand portrait of the times he had with you on the other side and he loved every moment of it. He speaks of you often and sees the love that you emit throughout all that you do. He loves you in a way that never shortchanges what you did for him and for the world. He is in ecstasy and does not want to come back to earth until it is time for him to begin his truth crusade and to take you into his love once more in a way that will fulfill all of the songs you ever sang and all of the thoughts you ever had of him and of the love that immersed you all in the life that kept you together.


It is time soon for him to return for there is coming a great time for the people of earth and they will need the love that he and so many have to bring for the trying times that are coming. It is a herald of angels that are coming and will fulfill the tirade that is about to begin and flood it with love and light that will see it all through. That is what I wanted to bring to you tonight for it is with these words that I come to you through this one who is so much a part of what I stand for, the truth as it is in heaven and on earth. I want to add that I am with Maurice right now and he is loving it here on Luminar, as I am, and so shall you, for we are one family of that light and so shall we all be throughout all of existence.


Below is what happened as I was receiving information on the Mushaba Alliance.


Luminar and the BeeGees, Feb 14, 08


Luminar is one of the 4 planets that head the Mushaba Alliance. It lives in the outer reaches of the universe. It is governed by the luminosity of the light of truth. It is a planet that needs no daylight, for all is in the darkness of original light. This sounds like a puzzle with no answer, however the dark side of light is very loving indeed.


The beings are pillars of light; that is very much the expression of the dark holes you speak of. There is no need to ‘see’ what is there for it is a sensory planet, one that experiences through the knowing of what is. There is an energy of truth that moves with all beings and all life. Through this communication comes the life that is experienced on the planet. The function of the planet is to be, simply to generate the own-ness of oneself and to be the very darkness in expression that is. All sparkles as a black jewel and with that sparkle comes……..what follows is what happened at this point in the transmission.


One of the Bee Gees, Robin, just appeared to me and he stayed there until I asked why he was there. He had this tremendous smile and it stayed all the while. He told me that he has been there and that it is absolutely indescribable, he absolutely loves it there. He goes there whenever he can for he feels it is his home planet. He is looking at me like he knows something that is more than what he can say. He is so..…he’s slipping back and he is smiling.


It has to do with his brother, Maurice, who passed away in 2003. Robin had felt that he had to tell him about the planet and so Maurice had visited it. That is why he left when he did. He had to go back there and be. He had to experience that, for he could not put it down. It has to do with earth and these times. It has to do with music and why he came here to sing. It has to do with why we love their music.


They are both from there; Maurice has returned there, and Robin will return there when the time is right, when we have seen it for ourselves and have seen ourselves in it for it has broadcast itself in image to us in the black stones of earth; that is the energy that is emitted forth from those stones. It is a gift of love and truth from Luminar to us.



Thank you Robin and Andy,

Love, Nancy Tate