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My dear ones, today I, Hatonn bring you some more information about the Mushaba Force. I bring you a great deal of love with this information, for I realize it is questionable for many of you, as it is a new concept and a new word that may carry with it some doubt as to itís authenticity.


I am here to assure you that like so many other new concepts there can be a great deal of mind-stretching involved and an even greater amount of acceptance within the heart. Once that is accomplished, then you will find the information not only fitting but familiar as well.


In the ancient of times, before what you may consider the ancient of times, there was a whole civilization of life on the planet that youíve known as Maldek. As you have been told that planet exploded and is now the asteroid belt that is in orbit in this solar system. Maldek was once a part of another planet called Tiamat, as was earth. When Tiamat was rendered asunder, earth and Maldek were formed, however it took hundreds of thousands of years for earth to form. Maldek became an inhabited planet well before earth did.


There was a time warp in the formation of the two planets, and though they were rent apart by the blows from Nibiruís energy as it bypassed Tiamat, there was a timewarp in which earth was dormant for a time. This is when Maldek formed and became populated. In that time period the people on Maldek though they became a lower fifth dimensionality, they were at the same time complacent and lost in their evolutionary prowess. This left them open to the intrusion of the Reptilians from the Pleiades and when their planet was invaded and terrorized, the planet was destroyed after the supplication of the people gave way to the antics that they displayed in refusing to co-operate.


It was during this time of the final attempts to rise above their lower fifth dimensionality into the higher ones that the people of the Mushaba Force came to Maldek and began to work with the people to further recognize their Divinity. They brought a heightened awareness of the abilities that the Maldekians had to create a life that was not only desirable, but that would distinguish their new way of being from that of those who would seek to subvert them.


The Mushaba planet was part of the Pleiadian system known as the Seven Sisters, and representatives from that planet came to Maldek to work with the people and to assist them to their evolvement. The Maldekians had reached a point in their evolution where they had attained a feeling of Divinity, and yet they had not elevated that feeling to the necessary ascension that would render them that dimensionality that goes beyond the idea to become what the idea represents.


The Mushabians saw what must be done, and yet they knew that it could not be forced; it must come about through the intent of the people and the authority with which they would attain that degree of ascension. Still they would not waver from their purpose for being on Maldek, so great was their love for the people of Maldek. They saw within these people the ability to rise above what was being interfered with by the Reptilians. They saw that though the influence was great, there was an even greater potential for the Maldekians to realize their own potential and rise above the influences and temptations that were being offered by the Reptilians.


As the eons moved by, and the Maldekians fell under the spell of the renegades, they became less and less able to recognize the power offered to them by the Mushaba people. They saw that though these people were loving, they didnít seem to offer the excitement that the Reptilians did. They were still operating in a degree of ego that directed them to a false feeling of power, one that in the end overcame their knowledge of the power of their Divinity. That led to their eventual invasion and the destruction of their planet. The souls of the Maldekians were scattered throughout the universe and in the course of the rest of the timewarp they were taken in by various other systems throughout the universe and with the help of the divine their souls were restored to a point where they were able to consider being given the opportunity to begin again and to resume their evolution.


Since they were at that time considered to have fallen from Grace, they were given a planet on which to carry out their evolutionary journey and to find themselves once more. To be able to realize and live their power of Divinity and to then be able to find their way back to the Source from which they came.


This brings us to the time when earth was prepared for her population. The souls from Maldek were given this new planet for their evolutionary process. It is as if their time on Maldek did not happen, and they were given the place from which to follow the evolutionary journey once more. They were what are known as the fallen angels. They are you, and you, and you, the ones who came and inhabited the bodies of the creations of the hu-man. Those lost souls, once scattered over the universe, have come to this planet earth to carry on with their evolutionary process.


Yes, there are others who have come to assist in this process. These beings have come to take part and lend their knowledge and guidance. They have taken on the mask of insomnia along with the lost souls of Maldek, and now we are all one as we come to this point in the ascension process. Those who have come who were not on Maldek at the time of its destruction are the ones who sheltered and worked with the lost souls who were scattered throughout the universe. They are our Star Family and our Guardians, our Walkers and our angels. They have been with us since time began. As we reached the point around 1987 where we were able to recognize on a soul level that we have overcome the evolutionary point at which we had been destroyed on Maldek, we knew that we had been successful, and that we would be able to triumph in our intent to return to The Source.


Here we are my dear ones. We are here and now it is time for us to recognize the beautiful energy of the Mushaba Force once again. We are at the point where we are being given the benefit of the Mushaba energy by which we can rediscover our innate abilities to see ourselves and know what our capabilities are. We are here and now in this beautiful gift of creativity and self-empowerment. We have gone beyond the old memory of Armageddon, and now we are sailing on in to our reunion with our Family of Light and Love, the Family of All There is.


As we invite in our family from planet Mushaba we do so with the tremendous love that heralds a coming of peace and freedom, the freedom to explore our potential and to oversee the positioning of our resources in the cosmos. We see that we are connected to that sea of Light, and that within that light is the passage back into the darkness of pure potential.


Yes, thinking of that darkness, that blackness of the birthplace of Love, and seeing that when the Light of acknowledgement burst forth and set All There Is to the Light of recognition, is what can set us free. Realizing that the darkness holds all that we came from and that it is not fear, not evil, but the total of All, is what can set you fee. The light is what revealed to us who we are, and what we are capable of. Till that Light burst on the scene we Were. It was what was known as to Be. Then along came the expression of what that can mean. It was as switching on the light in a room of total darkness.


Do you see how even evil can live in the same place as Love? This is where the Oneness of All exists. Some feel that evil is outside of Love. It is all within the Source of All. And this is where the power of the Will of God, The Source, Spirit comes in. From this void, this darkness, this black hole of creativity comes the expression of All There Is. This is what is revealed to you in the energies of the Mushaba Force. This energy goes back to the beginnings and it is the Source of information that is transmitted to all who have an ear to hear and an eye to see.


The Mushaba Force is Creatorís way in which we can find ourselves at this stage of our evolvement. It could not have been recognized until now, though it has always been with us. It is a part of us; it is contained within our DNA and between our molecules and particles of light, within our beingness. It is the expression potential of what we are capable of. Now that we are on the threshold, and for some, stepping off that threshold into the light of ourselves, we are able to know and recognize the Mushaba Force as that loving energy of creativity and self-empowerment that we have carried and been for as long as we have Been.


Now my dear ones, it is time to step into that knowledge and see your world beyond the illusion that is taking place right now on earth. It is time to step out of that illusion and begin to build the vision of what you know you can create that represents your ideals and desires, the intent that you inherently know is representative of who you are. You can do that while right here on earth, and you can do it by taking one step at a time and by following the guidance from within.


 Follow the rainbow of your dreams and welcome the assistance that comes from the Mushaba energies that are a part of who you are. You are the angels who fell into this life those eons ago. Now you have surpassed what you felt to have been your Armageddon. Fly free and in the self-empowerment that is You, create your world as is fitting to the angels of The Source, for you have arrived.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate