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Hi Everyone,

As I was about to come to the closing of this Wake up Call, our electricity went off. There I was not having saved the messages as yet, thinking it would surely be lost. So I got out my trusty digital recorder and brought forth an audio representation of the message from Hatonn.


Aside from a few differences the messages are basically the same. Within moments after the completion of the audio message, our electricity returned, as did the message I had been typing, gloriously I had not lost it. You may go to this link to listen to the audio, which is a bit different from the message below: Click Here




Wake up Call: Hatonn March 04, 08


My dear ones, there is something brewing in the skies that will bring unprecedented happenings to planet earth. These things are events of such magnitude that they will mark the beginning of the new way of being on earth in a way that will affect the rest of the solar system, and very soon thereafter, the rest of the galaxy and the universe. I speak of the Mushaba Force, and all that it entails for this second universe that you we live in.


I am Hatonn, and I have been in seclusion of late with many of the Aboriginals from all over the planet. In so doing we have been co-coordinating our efforts to connect our energies with those of the rest of the species in the universe. We have been doing that with the co-operation and enlistment of the Mushaba planet in the Pleiades. With this ongoing connection we have established the network of light here on earth and are about to connect it with that network in the universe that has been created for this purpose. With this universal network we are going to see not only the administration of the Mushaba Force energy on earth in every aspect of society, we are going to include that energy with all of our coming communications and involvement with our star families.


This is unprecedented in that it has never been accomplished before. It is something that is able to take place because of the ever-evolving expression of all of existence. This is an evolvement that has come about due to the increase in the energy of the Creator Will in all of the species in this universe. Right along with earthlings these other universal beings have been preparing for this time in a way that they have seen to be a part of the unison of The Creator Source and the harmonics that have been in place since the time of Creation. This is now the time for all of our universe to rally together and to sing ourselves into this new Golden Age in the energies that represent the unity of the universe.


What this means to all of humanity is that there is to be an uprising momentum for the absolution of all the negativity of earth. As it arises from deep within the bowels of Gaia we are seeing the sweeping clean, the dredging out of all of the ancient historical energy that has been imbedded within the hearts, souls and minds of all of earthlife. As this happens it produces what we are all seeing take place on earth in all of he societal events that are taking place and will continue to for another few months.


Yes, dear ones, I said months, for within this year of 2008 we are seeing a wondrous thing taking place. We are experiencing the turnover of the times of tribulation and that is leading to a time when the churned up energies will reveal all of what has been hidden for all of earthtime. These truths will come forth and be revealed in the times following the election in America. Some of those truths will be revealed before the people go to the polls, however, that will prepare the way for the remaining evidence of what has been taking place under wraps for all of earth’s history. As the times unfold in the coming years on earth, the evidence in writings, artifacts and word of mouth, actual remembrances of former earthlives, will come forth and be recorded for all of time. All of the off planet happenings that led to the formation of earth and of the solar system will be seen and recorded openly for all life to learn from and carry with them throughout eternity.


For now, we leave you with these words; it is a long time in coming and a short time in being that awaits your awakening to the new Golden Age. Wear it well, for it is your creation. We love and cherish you and walk with you in eternal love.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate