Wakeup Call Message
March  17, 2006


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 We the People 


We the people of the united States of America are going to tear the house down. We are going to exercise our unalienable rights to freedom and justice and we are going to surpass that which has come before in the guise of the government and take their curtain down. We are going to find the solutions to all the tyranny that has been pressed upon us and we will come to terms with the allotment of troubles that are being doled out for now and forevermore.


There is no place in this world that the darkness can hide from us for we have light that reaches every nook and cranny in this beautiful world. We bring our truth and we bring our intent for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this venture that besieges us. We will no longer allow the dark energies to strike our love and fall our great people who come into their power only to be hit from behind.


There is no longer any place for the ones who sort through the garbage and pick out the pieces that are the most rotten and throw it over the masses. This shall cease and desist as of this moment, and as this takes place all will be in readiness for the peaceful planet that we will create.


There is no longer an arena in which this game playing in the dark will continue. No longer will the rules and regulations take precedence when they are brought forth from the deepest places of evil and degradation. For we are the people of this planet and we shall persevere. We shall hold the marauders accountable for all that they do, and we shall wipe the slate clean of all the filth that has been laid upon this grand land.


Come now and hear our pledge. Come now and know that we shall no longer stand idly by and allow this desecration of our dear home. We shall take the coats of love and adorn them with every ounce of energy that we have. That means that with this adornment we pledge our lives and our souls to the cause for peace around the world. We stand in the glory that is Divine, and we announce to this assembly that walks in darkness that the time is over for the causes that they have brought upon us. We give them just notice to surrender their lives to the light, or suffer the consequences.


In every day there is a reckoning. In every cause there is a result. This is the time for the ending of this story, and as we close the final page on the story of the duality of man, we do so with the fervent knowledge that we have brought to this land the ultimate in peace and thanksgiving, for the assistance of our dear family from the cosmos. We give you, in the darkness just cause to show your faces and then to reap the result of your times on earth as they come to an end.


We call in the highest light of the universe and we bring it straight into the hearts and souls of all who walk this earth. We do so with the express purpose of bringing to a close this chapter and this act of the great story of duality on earth. With that final entry, we then open the first page in the story of the New Golden Age, and we walk into this newness knowing that we create heaven on earth, and that all that is not in line with the truth of the Divine fall away and be with us no more.


That is our pledge and that is our intent. We sit now in the halls of destiny and we assign our names to the great Declaration for life in freedom and love, and peace on earth forevermore.


Thank you dear ones, We the People,

Love, Nancy Tate