Wakeup Call Message
March  23, 2006


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My dear ones, you are acquainted with the Bible are you not? There is much truth contained within the words and pages of that venerable work. This is the time in our earth history, for the second another moment has come the preceding one is history, when the Bible is touted as being the word of God, and there is nothing that can put it down.


This is what some may call a fallacy; this is what others may call blasphemy. This is what still more may call a ruination of what God has put before us. All is correct and all is as it is. I Am Sananda, and I Am here today to explore this question of truth.


There is only one truth, and in that truth is contained all there ever was and will be. This truth does not discern one from another for what is, is. This means that all that is, is contained in the truth, and the truth is all there is. No matter how you say it, it is still truth. When you follow a certain decree you fill it with your energy. When you follow a belief system you create an energy of that belief. This creates a juncture through which a movement of energy can flow. This is turn sets up a manifestation of that truth within that frequency of belief.


People tune in to that frequency and according to agreements they have made they either support that frequency, or create their own idea of what is contained within that truth. This is how so many belief systems are set up and supported. This is how one can say that all systems are part of the truth.


Here is where your own interpretation comes in. It is all supported by the experience of each individual. One belief is no more valid than another, for all comes from all there is, which is truth. Souls came from all there is to express with the intent to further the experience of The Source. This is how the individuality comes into being, the diversity of ideas as to what is truth. As well, when one believes in a certain aspect of truth, and they see it as the only truth, it is because that is the totality and result of their conscious experience of truth.


We see you all supporting and spreading your truth. We see the energy of all the ideas of what truth is and we see a beautiful rainbow alight with the ideas of the different strains of energy. This translates into a myriad of colors and in this spectrum lies the ultimate for potential of more of itself. Here lies the ability to choose and to change one’s idea of truth. With an expansion of energy within one’s field, one can tap into an expanded awareness of one’s experience, and therefore create an expanded awareness of their truth.


This is how one grows in their perception of truth, till finally they expand into a complete awareness of themselves and see that it is all true, or it is all not true. They see that there is no difference; all is one, and all is truth.


Now we come to another facet of what truth is. It can expand and become more of itself, through the experience of the souls. This brings about the totality of the present moment and how it is interpreted by any who are contained within the field of the Godhead. Through this expansion there comes a new idea and that is that there is more than before and now this brings a new awareness to the concept of truth. Now there is an idea that perhaps truth changes and that all that was truth before is no longer the case.


This is an opportunity for those who conceptualize in this manner to see that nothing has changed, for truth is always ever-changing and staying the same. It is still all truth and there is only truth ever expanding and always in expression of itself.


What does that tell you? You are truth! Yes, you are the expression of truth and you are the creator of truth as surely as the All is the creator of you. It is all the same. You are truth and truth is you. There can never be any other truth than that truth is all there is, no matter how long or how changeable it is. Truth is truth, and that is all there is to it.


So what does that say about someone who utters what you know is not true? For instance, you look at a glass of water and see that it is filled to the brim. Someone else looks at the glass of water and says that it is empty. Who is wrong here? Is it empty, or is it full? Is it possible that one’s concept of empty is the same as the other’s concept of full? What makes one right and one wrong?


It is evident, you say. It is obvious that when the glass if filled to the brim it is full. That is a mere conception. What is it full of, or empty of? Is it water we are talking about, or is it perhaps air? ‘Now we are getting to the ridiculous part of this discussion. You know we are talking about water!’ Are we now? Was it announced that the glass was filled with water, or with air? It is one thing to say that a glass was filled with water, and quite another to say that it was empty of air.


I know I play with words here. Words are frequencies and as we use words we set up a response to frequency that creates. As you go further into the awareness of who you are, you will find more and more how the words you use create your truth. That is why it will bear you well to mind the words you use, and also to mind the emotion and intent behind those words of choice. You create your reality, and more and more you are affected by that reality.


This will come to be more and more as you elevate your frequency to match that in the energies that are prevalent on the planet today. I speak not only of the warring and unrest, but of the totality of the activity that is taking place. It may not seem that there is much that represents the higher frequencies that are within the present moment, however with the uprisings and warring there is evidence that there is an increase in the lighted energies, for earth could not withstand the lower energies if there were not the higher energies as well to counterbalance.


All is in readiness for the opening of several more portals on earth, and as these portals open and expand, so too will the truth that you come to feel and experience. You will know that you are living the truth of all there is, for it will be reflected in the surroundings. You will know that you live that higher truth, for you will see it reflected in all that you do.


Go now and see what it feels like to know that you walk in truth, as does every other being on earth and within earth. See your fellow being as an equal with you, and experience the oneness and the ability to know the choice of the truth that you see and feel. Know also that this truth is the same as that truth that you support, and know that there is no wrong or right, that it is truly all the same. Have fun with that and go forth and create in that energy, and you will find you are in heaven and it is grand.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate