Wakeup Call Message
March  20, 2006


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My dear ones in the world of transformation, I come to you today with a message of hope, and more than that I come to you with a message of surety for all there is, is truth. With this truth you can move mountains and you can swim seas of information and come out with a deeper understanding of what is upon you in these days.


I Am Sananda, and on this day there are many issues that are facing the world and her people. These issues are the ones that are clearing out the muck of the eons of tribulation on earth. As you undergo the living of these energies of change you are reliving some of the obstacles to your light that you brought to the experience of being in duality on earth.


What is to be done about it? One thing that you can do is to face it squarely in the eyes and declare it illusion. In doing this you bring it into a perspective from which you can spring into action fully armed with justice and with the knowing that Spirit is with you as you follow the intuitive urges that direct you. Getting out of the energy of attachment you find the fuel by which to follow the directives that speak of solution. You follow the actions that move you toward fulfillment of the grand design.


Some of you may find this to be a bit overwhelming. You look at the issue and see that it is far too involved to see an outcome that bears witness to your empowerment. In this case I suggest that you look no further than the next step in this chain of moves. In this way you allow the natural unfoldment to bring the purity of the developing program that brings you to the ultimate solution.


One of the things that is often referred to in these days is the developing ideas that spring from the people in their everyday pursuit of the grander way of being. This can lead to ideas that may on the surface seem to be unreachable. However, the ideas came from a bed of memory that found the results to be pleasing and of value. From this can be found the harvest that produces fodder for future endeavors, and the links in the chain form for a most equitable production of creation.


This creation leads to the freedom of mankind from the suffering of the day. It allows the release of the old ways, and makes way for the actions that spring forth from the wisdom of Spirit. Rather than coming from the old energy that was but a temporary bandaid, there comes a restoration to perfection of the flaws that have been contained within the old paradigm.


These flaws were for purpose. They were designed to show the imperfection of the duality experience. They were designed to allow you to see that which you are not. In these days of awakening of mankind there is more platform from which the truth of your existence can be seen and therefore lived.


Come now to my energy and feel the love that I have for you. Feel the tenderness by which I regard you, and know that the tenderness bespeaks the power through which you operate and create your life. As you go about your daily matters you create in a way that enables you to see your power. All you need do is take responsibility for how your life looks and you will see how to create intentionally and with the wisdom of the Spirit being that you are.


Roll out the red carpet and welcome that newfound wisdom to your experience. Know that as you do you empower not only yourself, but also those around you, for they learn through your example. You create a new threshold by which you can step into the new world, and as you do you can be the pied piper for the new way of being. As this takes place, you know too that not only are you the pied piper, so too is everyone else.


Take some time today for a wish experience. Find the treasure in your bag of wishes for the day, and bring it into the light of your intent. With that powerful intention follow the steps to the fulfillment of that intent and manifest that which, before your acknowledgement of its possibility, was but a weak wish, a thought out of reach forever, into the knowledge of truth and the manifestation of that truth.


With this invitation to yourselves and the creation of your destiny, I take my leave and go forth to see to the events of the day. I will be with you in Spirit, for I always am and with that accompaniment I honor and salute your empowerment in manifestation.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate