Wakeup Call Message
March  14, 2006


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When it is time for all of you to take a breath and sit quietly, do so with an air of gratitude for your world is about to burst at the seams and expose all for what it is. There is no more time for secrets and for the disarmament of the intelligence of the people. Now is the time for the truth to come out, and with this truth will come the final upheaval of all the tyranny and poison that has been mounting for all of time.


No more will the tyrants have their day and their say. No more will the sledge of the darkness wield its power over the seeds of light. Now is the time for the day of reckoning, and as the story is told all of kingdomdon will find the answers to the peaceful wishes that have been pouring from each ones hearts and souls.


I Am Sananda, and with this invitation from one of you loved ones I come to tell you that this is the final hour for anything that does not sit in the light. Never more will the terror reign over the hearts and minds of humanity. Never more, once all of the garbage is brought to the streets for observation and clearing away, will there be a menace as has been taking over the hearts and minds of mankind.


This is a grand hour for all of humanity, for as the dregs of the past eons are delivered to the light we shall see a degree of sunshine unlike any seen here on earth before. Yes I refer even to the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, for those two continents were indeed light to a degree. However you all know how it is to step suddenly out into the high sun of the day from a totally dark room. The Light is blinding, and for a few moments you cannot see. As your eyes adjust to the magnificence before you, then you are able to make out shapes, and then details come flooding in.


As you stand in that sudden light of day, you will see before you the treasures that disguise themselves in robes of darkness. You will see the robes fall away and the truth that has been hidden come forth to be known. This will reap the rewards of freedom and peace forevermore, and you brothers and sisters will bring in this new harmony on the trail of tears that is left behind from the exiting of the darkness.


Those tears will be of grand relief; relief that at last you are free, relief that at last you can walk in the light and shine your candle for all to see the truth. You will find so much more to laugh with, and play with, and rejoice in, for you will find your childlike innocence once again. You will dance in unison and sing to the heavens of your love. You will go forth and take back your power from every corner of the globe where you have surrendered it and had it snatched from your heart. You will walk in the sun and give of yourself with no limits, for you will know finally what it means to truly be free.


Remember these words in the interim as these truths are being exposed. Remember the promises you have made to yourselves, and know that as the next days and months go by you are walking in the purpose that you set down for these times. Together you are all coming into the time of your lives here on earth where you take back the lives that have been taken and given, and in so doing you reacquaint yourselves with who you really are.


Take these next days and weeks to reassess your lives, and to see what is the purpose of that which will be exposing itself all over the globe. Know that as these dark shadows come forth and show themselves for what they hide, there will be present the firm hand of justice, and the decisive doling out of the consequences of the actions that will come to light. There is no action that does not reap its consequences, and there is no judgment in that except that which is created in the whole of the experience. That is Divine Law, and it cannot be denied.


Bring love to the equation, and the compassion that springs from your souls brings it all to a rapid and final conclusion, and sets the stage for the creations of the New Golden Age. Sit now in your love and see the light on the horizon revealing the truth of these days. It is a sight and it is indisputable what is the outcome, for it shall be the reckoning. This is the finest hour of humanity in this play on earth.


Go now into your day and spend the time wisely. See the truths as they come forth and liberate mankind. Feel the freedom and rejoice, for it is yours and from that freedom you shall create Heaven on earth.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate