Wakeup Call Message
March  08, 2006


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  St. Germain 


When the day comes that all of you will find your inner strength to come to the aid of your countrymen, you will know what it means to live your sovereignty. You will know that in order to live a free and independent society in the energy of trust and love, you have to first understand what it was that brought you to this point of apathy and then you will know what to do to regain your power and authority.


This is the time for all of you to look unto yourselves and see what it is that is working in your lives. See what it is that takes sovereignty to keep going in the wonders of your life, and know that this applies on any scale of the spectrum. Know that as you go through the next times of preparedness for ascension you are tapping into more and more of your own innate wisdom, and that you are following that inspiration that comes from an intent for truth to prosper and for power of Spirit to lead you into this new phase of sovereign living.


My dear ones, I Am St. Germain, and in this message I bring to you a mirror by which you may see the love that shines from your eyes. I see the truth that lives in your heart and as you walk in that truth, you change the world, bit by bit, tone by tone, swallow by swallow of the truth that comes forward from the activities in which you engage.


As these next days unfold, and the world looks like it might blow itself apart, remember that these times reflect the inner workings of the shadows that have accumulated throughout your lifetimes. These shadows are working their way out of your beingness and in the process they are being reviewed for a final farewell to the tribulations that brought you all this vast abundance of information from which to proceed into your next experience of life.


These are the days that make your inner wisdom come forward and speak to you of how to approach what comes to you from the news media from every angle. Allow not the vastness of the tribulations to sway you from your peace. See to it that your emotions reflect the peace that reigns within. This is the time for knowing what it is that you feel for yourself, and for living that knowledge.


I go to the ends of the earth and back every day, and in that journey I see many more people than you are aware of living their truth. They are seeing that though the news would have you all think that chaos reigns and folly is the energy of the day, the truth of the matter is that these many who live their truth every moment are keeping the momentum true and clear for the light to be in everyone’s eyes and for the truth to come through in every moment of love and thanksgiving. For it is only a short time more that this folly shall reign in the spectrum of time, and then there will come a great hush upon the land, and all will rejoice in the coming of the sun over the horizon of a brand new day full of promise and love for all to feel, live and see.


Go now into your day and celebrate the love that you bring forth for all to see. Celebrate that you are among the living and that as you feast in the glory that is Spirit, you set the trail for all of mankind. Peace be with you, and shine through this day as a beacon of truth and love.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate