Wakeup Call Message
March  30, 2006


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We are going to take a few moments this day to tell you about a happening around the globe and to then tell you how it is affecting the entire population. It is a matter of extreme importance to the world and in its stature it will bring to rest the eons of war that has plagued Mother Earth for all of time.


This matter we speak of is the matter of the continuing peace efforts that are taking place in all the corners and byways of this great planet. It is of the people of the inner earth as well as the ones of the substrata of the earth. All of life on and within earth is blending its energies to form a halo of light around the entire planet. This is a halo that supercedes all that may consider itself to be darkness. It goes beyond the idea of separatism. It is far more vast than any cloud that can encircle the globe with its menace. And it is the culmination of all the light that has been accumulating in storage for all of life to come into and expand upon.


As a result of this light there is already beginning the transcendence of life on earth to a new level of awareness. This is the purveyor of the light beings who are standing in line for the resilience that will be their natural way of being. This is the exactitude of the ideas that give precedence to the evolutionary step into ascension, while retaining the lightbody that accompanies all now on the level in which it always is.


How this is coming about is through the constant of prayer and intent of all of the lighted realms of earth. This has been taking place since time began, and in this there has been a constant. There has been no variance from it, for it has been the life force of earth life, and the promise that means a return to light for all who choose.


As the rays of the sun cool their supposed fire, the resistance of the atmospheric pressure of earth lessens and gives way to the coolness. It was the resistance that caused the suns rays to be hot, and now that resistance is decreasing its pressure, and the resultant lightness supports the natural state of the suns rays.


With this difference there will come a time when all of life can live and breath in a new atmosphere. There will be a decided allowance of what is without the idea of resistance, for all will be in harmony. This will bring about a directive from the Creator Source that supercedes all that came before, and will render your reality to be all is Now, in intent manifestation. You will have the conscious ability to know all, while at the same time to bring to your present mind only that, which pertains to the present conscious thought.


In this way you will bring yourselves one hundred percent to anything and everything that you do, say, think, feel. You will be completely in the moment consciously without having to bring to mind that you are. It will be the way of being.


Today, this moment is the springboard from which the next moment is born. With this knowledge you can see how perfectly you create your life. You can see how the rest of it will unfold in a way that will be all new to you. This is an opportune time in which to be that now moment, and to see how it molds your life. Many of you are aware of this now and are in part living that truth. Many of you are closer to that reality than you were mere days, weeks and months ago.


This is a result of the quickening of the energies of change. You have added your input of light to the accumulation that has been building upon itself for all of time. Through your lifetimes you have added your ‘two cents worth’, and more to the chorus that has sung its way into your beings and that of all the life of earth. Indeed, you continue to add to it, and therefore you are it.


We go now and we watch with our ever seeing vision as you melt into the light of the earth life. We see you beginning the final leg of your journey into the eternal bliss. This is the time for the accumulation of all the ideas of darkness to show its face and then to be overcome with the bliss of the light. This will show itself to all of life on earth in the way of its choosing, and then it will all be light, and truth will be the movement in which you express forevermore.


Lay down your weary body and rest beside us for we are the Divinity of all there is and we soothe your furrowed brow. We indoctrinate your energy into the pool of love and we see you emerge fully lighted and glorious in your standing in the light of the most Holy.


And so it is.


Thank you dear sweet Kryon,

Welcome back to my energies,

Love, Nancy Tate


Kryon says, “I never left”.