Wakeup Call Message
March  31, 2006


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Because of the incidents of the hierarchy on earth and the knowingness of those who purportedly serve under them, there is a decided separation in the minds and hearts of the people. This shall continue only until the energies that are surrounding the planet come in and finalize the departure from this illusion of separateness. At that point all will be one in fact and in matter and this will be the time of over riding the idea of duality. Until that time there will be a succession of incidents that will lead to that oneness and will serve to clear the house of all interference from the lower realms.


How can this be that density can clear out the lower realms? It is with the very thing that capitalizes on itself that the clearing takes place. In the measurement of time, there is a diversity that takes place that continues the idea of separateness. In this idea there is also an opposing idea. In this opposition lies the key to unlocking the light that has been held back for eons in time.


As this light is allowed to flow forth it covers and transmutes all in its path to itself in expression. What was once an opposing force to light now becomes light for it is exposed to that truth of what it is and the transmutation is inevitable. The resultant energies that are produced from this are also the energies that garner it. It is complete in the instant of recognition, and in the light it has to be itself in purity.


This is how the change will take place. From one energy of potential to another of intent there is the manifestation of the whole. This is Divinity in expression, and when the energies of the universal intent meet with the potential, which has been lying in state since time began, there is the manifestation in completion.


From this point comes another idea, for from everything there is result. What could possibly come from completion to carry on in expression? Think of when you complete a task, or action. Do you now usually find the birth of another idea coming before the present action is completed? Ideas are born from stimuli in action and with this continuity comes new birth. A whole new idea is born and set into motion in potential.


This is what the New Golden Age is, a new idea born from the first idea of life without trauma, life without toil, life without pain. From the inception of this new idea, potential grows and expands upon itself. As this happens it also affects the present moment and gives impetus to the speed and language of the present action. This is called forethought in motion and potential in completion.


As the energies grow from the ideas in motion there is a decided movement of molecules and atoms that form into the expressions of these ideas. This brings about the manifestation and also the seeds for the new expression. This is the continuity of the universal flow of expression in Divine order.


The decision of anyone to tap into that idea in motion determines the identity of that potential. It determines how it will look and how widespread it will be. There may be differing perceptions of the original, and in that way layers of realities are born. Some of those layers meld into nothingness as those realities are not continued and the life support drifts off into nothingness. That is why some of the dreams and ideas the people have are not carried forth, for the thoughts and energies of belief in them are not strong enough to continue the manifestation process.


Another thing that happens in that process is that numbers of people tune in to that process and match their perception with the others. This gives the idea strength and the ability to build on itself and divide itself from the weaker streams, therefore gaining focus and stronger potential until there is the one strong idea supported by the all. This is how prayer and intent brings about the manifestation of that which is brought into consideration for manifestation.


This is how you, my dear ones, manifest for humanity. You garner to your perceptions that which is of the masses and with that focus you create, sometimes in an instant. With this in mind, you can tap into the energy of intent in potential by going within and tuning into the intent energy of all of mankind. With this knowledge well in hand and the knowledge of your power to bring about change, you can help to bring about that which you intend and desire for life on this planet earth.


We suggest that you do this in every moment that you set your intent to keep this focus through every step you take and with every breath you take. Set the intent and know that it is done. Then go out there and live that knowledge, knowing that your potential matches all of humanity, and be in peace, joy, and love forevermore, no matter how the illusion presents itself. Rise above what does not match the light and soon there will be only light in your reality. Blissful, loving states await you, in the next moment you are there, continually and without end.


I am Korton of the Galactic Federation, and I come to you in a cloud with all the others who surround your skies. We send you love eternal and we will show ourselves in our manifestation, as humanity comes to the place of recognition of us as family, without fear, and with the welcome that is inherent within.


Go now and celebrate for we are here for you and we are moving heaven and earth to walk among you openly and with our arms around the globe, loving you and singing our songs of joy.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate