Wakeup Call Message
March  27, 2006


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  I AM 


My dear ones give Me your tired and your hungry and I will give them back sated and in good health. Give Me your beautiful children and I will give them back even more beautiful. Give Me your trials and your woes and I will return to you an energy of peace and vitality. Give Me your losses and your deprivations and I will give them back in bundles of riches and glorious wealth beyond compare. All you need do is surrender your lives to Me and I shall return them tenfold in every aspect that is at your disposal.


You are My children and in the play that you do I see Myself reflected in various appearances and expressions. I see you wandering the desert and swimming the oceans looking for a foothold into the glory that you feel is just around the corner. It is with you right now My sweet ones. It is at your fingertips and you walk on the very ground that contains the messages of the life on earth that you now disdain.


Stop for a moment and look at where you are. Look behind the masses and see the individual. See the masses as a one-body individual and see where you fit into that one-body. How does it feel to be in the company of and living every moment with all who walk the earth right now?


You are the one-body now, you know. You are that one Spirit that encompasses the realms of the world in which you play. I see you going through the motions and enveloping yourselves in the illusions that you have created. I see you learning through your actions and decisions and I see the choices that you make to mold your oneness and increase the status of your earth experience.


How can you serve your country better than you are? By being the best that you can be, and I mean that to pertain to what you think the best is. What is your best gift to yourself? Do you measure it in years or in seconds? Do you measure it in volume or in quality? Do you see the riches as what is before you, or what is within and speaking to you through Me?


Here is what you are to me, my dear ones; you are everything to me and you are nothing. The nothings of the world are equal to the everythings for there is no difference save for the perspective one gives it. They are merely words created for the purpose of measurement. Take away the thought of more or less and see the truth behind all there is, or isnít and know it is all that I love and all that you are.


I speak to you now of what your world looks like on the outside. Whether you have chosen to walk in the shoes of the political arena, the business world, the music realms, the financial institutions, the writing and acting stages; no matter what it is that you immerse yourselves in I AM there. No matter how you express who you are I AM there. It is a pact we have made, and yet the pact was always what it is now, even though it has seemed different all through the sands of time.


Now you walk in the present day earth and you seek the challenges of the society that you have created. You see ups and downs, you see good and bad, you see weary and energized. You see many things that you never saw before, and yet you have. You have seen all that you are seeing now, and yet you do not recognize it because you have clothed it in different robes and different colors and different eras of expression. It is all the same and always before it came to the same conclusion only to be started again.


This time you will come to a different conclusion. You will write a different ending. You have manufactured out of thin air a whole new scenario, and with that new ending to the story, you begin a whole new way of being on planet earth. You begin a whole new idea that will be an offshoot of the free will experience that was planted on these waters and soils long, long ago, long before any human walked the sands of time here.


With this new beginning you will establish a whole new precedent by which earth society will be formed. You are doing that now; you are planting the seeds of change through your ministerings of the justice of the day. You are supplanting the new ways of being on earth by clearing out the old and making way for the new. Every time you experience another malady, or clear out old garbage from your body, you are clearing the way for the new energy that is to be your stamp of destiny for all and forevermore. You will see the old ways slip away and die. You will see the shadows fall away and reveal all that has plagued mankind and it will not seem in same cases to be pretty. But you will withstand the pictures and you will get through it for you are invincible and you shall persevere.


I see you already in the binds of the old ways and I see the struggles that you go through. I see the memories come blasting through and they seem that they will carry you away. But they wonít and you know that too. You know that as the old leaves you there is a feeling of momentary weakness for it has been carrying you for a long, long time.


Then, just when you think you can withstand no more, it is gone. You rise up and you feel the new strength; you feel the new you pour forth from your heart and soul and you know you have been reborn in Me and in the you that brought you to this point. You are strong and you are able and you find that you can do things that you never thought possible. You ride with the wind and you sing a song of joy. You find yourself climbing mountains and swimming oceans, and this time your sojourn through the desert is magical and beautiful beyond compare.


Nothing is going to keep you from this place that you have designed and are in the process of building. No one is going to topple your towers of strength and justice for you have written the new story and you are well on your way into the New Golden Age of opportunity and Grace infinite.


Be the peace that you bring to your doorstep, and see all of earth life in its pristine glory, for it is your new reality. Your destiny is to be My child forevermore in the throes of the old and in the wealth of Spirit that is the new. Glory in the highest for the new day is dawned. You are my children and you have come of age.


Thank you dear, sweet I AM, Father/Mother of All,

Love, Nancy Tate