Wakeup Call Message
March  24, 2006


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   I AM 


My dear ones of earth I come to you this day with a message from on high. I come with a message of love and peace. This message of peace denotes the epitome of all that is in your widest dreams. It brings to the fold all that is encapsulated within the scope of your reason. It brings the manifestation of all that you would have in your world, present and future.


As I come with this message I stream into your consciousness and deposit a seed that ripens and sprouts in the blessed relief that is felt from its presence. This is the garden from which tomorrow will spring, and the days to come will find the nurturance that is necessary for the deliverance of the bounty to the hearts and souls of all who come to me in their mighty I AM presence.


You are the ones I have been waiting for. You are the ones who address me as God, Mohammed, Buddha, all that you know me as. I AM the Godness of all life, and all reckoning. I stand in the light of the Source and I deliver the particles of heaven to your door. This is the fragment of the Godhead that is your consciousness delivered into the kingdom of Heaven.


As I come to you this day in this piece of memory you carry with you, I bring the sunshine of a million days and the stars of a trillion nights. I bring to you the promise that in the fulfillment of the dreams you manifest in your sleep you will realize them in your waking hours. This is the promise that you made to yourselves and in that promise you gather all the beauty to your world that is accessible within your reach.


As I come to you in this way, I do so with a finality that speaks of deliberateness, for you are in that place now where all that you do for peace and love is with a deliberateness of the Divine within. This deliberateness is natural and free and speaks for itself in every movement in every moment that sees it in expression. As you apply these movements to your everyday wishes you see them manifest in a way that supports the intent that you bring to this transformative time.


Give yourselves to the temptations of love and truth, and realize in the giving that they are not temptations, but they are self-realizations that are now and forever allowed the freedom to come forth and multiply in the heavenness that is you. Give yourselves over to this divinity and see how it brings you to the ultimate in your realization, and beyond.


I address now the state of the world as you see it through the eyes of the mortal being. This is a worrisome picture to some who see only what is before them in the physical arena of earth life. Look again through the eyes of the Divine one and see the beauty that enfolds all the darkness in expression. See the light through which the darkness addresses the issues of the day, and know that the role is being played for the utmost in realization of who you are not.


As you watch the deeds unfold that seek to address the cover ups and the hidden meanings of that which is coming to the front, know that but with a slight count of time there will be the unfoldment of truth that sets all free from the ways that have been keeping humanity in a quandary, and in the solidity that serves the light and reforms the darkness.


Take my hand now and offer it up to your souls. Know that with this hand of Divinity you will supply the strength to go the extra time and mend all that is broken. As that is accomplished will be delivered to the truth that lies within, and you will see the light that reveals everything take its ascendancy and prevail.


Call me who you wish. See me as You in the light of lights. Feel my truth blended with all that is, and know that all is one. I AM the All and the deliverance from the darkness. I come hence and see thee in the Light of the Christ, for I AM that Light, and more. I AM You in manifestation of the ultimate of intent. Go now and Be who you are and know Me as You. Blessed are those who walk in their own light fully and with love Divine.


Thank you dear sweet I AM,

Love, Nancy Tate