Wakeup Call Message
March  22, 2006


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My dear ones, I am Hatonn and I come to you today with a message of safety. This message of safety has to do with the safety in your heart and soul inherent from your beginnings. There is a feeling of postulation whenever you think of safety, for within the air of safety comes a knowing that all is well, and forever in the embrace of The Creator.


This is the string of feelings from which you walk in your power and know that no matter what you do you will be safe. You feel the embrace as surely as you feel the love you have for that embrace. For some of you it is a feeling that you do not identify as anything apart from your own consciousness, for it has been with you since inception.


Taking this feeling of safety to another level is what you are doing now. You are expanding that feeling, which you probably haven’t identified as a feeling of safety, rather as a state of being, and in the expansion you are more aware of the God within. This expresses itself in some as a feeling of invincibility, in others as a sureness of protection from evil. Still others employ the feeling of might and perseverance in all times of trouble. Each of you has your own expression of what is truly your inner knowing of who you are, for you know that you are indeed God.


Taking this further in this message I suggest that you tune in to this knowing and utilize it in your pursuit of all that you do that you consider a reach. With this expansion you will find that goals you once considered unreachable are now at your fingertips and within your realm of possibility, even probability. From this point you can go forward giving merit to the premise that all things are within reach. This will empower you as you go through the next days and months in the affairs of the world.


Speaking of the affairs of the world, have you noticed that these are still stepping up in intensity? We have advised you, have we not, of this probability? Now you see this in action. Now you are aware of something more. That is that as this intensity steps up, so too does the number of people waking up from their long slumber step up.


This too is a change that comes about from that inherent feeling of safety. It is a feeling, a knowing that no matter what comes your way, you are protected and that you are able to surpass anything and come out shining. This as well gives you the ammunition to progress through avenues that before were only thoughts of ‘someday when I am older and stronger’.


That day is here and now, my dear ones. I see you all progressing at a rapid speed into the realm of forgiveness, not only of the transgressions you have made through your various lifetimes, but too of those of the people with whom you associate in these times. These are the ones with whom you have traipsed through eons and expressed in the only way you could at the time, and that is now all coming to roost right here in this yard of the universe know as earth.


We are all here with you, and as we gather together with you and discuss what the next moves will be, we hear another side to you; another facet comes to life. We hear you speaking from the inherent power that you are feeling anew. We feel the dedication that you have to living the truth as it springs forth in ancient memory. We see that as your eyes are opened wider you are seeing more of the world as it looks to us.


This is a vital springboard from which you are going to be able to reap the harvest of your new way of being on planet earth. As the flavors of the new brew titillate your tastebuds you appreciate more and more the ability you have to reap the golden harvest and bear the brunt of these last times of the great reckoning.


So go my dears into this bright new day. Clothe yourselves in the mantle of love and courage, for with this built in awakening comes the knowledge that the safety promised by the Creator in inherent in you, and that enables you to find the ability and inspiration to step forward into the as yet unexplored territory that bespeaks the courage of man living his convictions and knowing who she is.


I see you all in a crown of glory, and it is adorned with jewels and flowers of a hue that streams forth from the heavenly rainbow. It is your color code and it takes you to heights yet unexplored. I see you stepping into those unexplored mysteries and rendering them known for all time and forevermore. We love and honor you and we take your hand in triumph and joy.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate