Wakeup Call Message
March  13, 2006


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My dear ones, there is something I would like to address this day, and it has to do with the families of the loved ones who are in Iraq, and the ones who are slated to go to Iraq as this war continues. I Am Hatonn, and I Am here to tell you that with the return of peace in Iraq and the appointment of the new regime there will come a new mission for the soldiers all over the globe.


This new mission will be to encircle the globe with their dedication to the triumph over evil and the return of peace to all hearts and souls across the land. They will indeed as has been promised in various messages in the past several years lay down their weapons and pick up their ploughshares. They will look at the one in front of them brandishing a rifle and they will say, “No more!” They will look the other soldier square in the eyes and declare, “My brother/sister I will not harm, nor kill you. I will shake your hand and I will kiss your face for you are one of us, and we no longer will fight these wars. Indeed this is happening even now.


As these soldiers are called to go to these wars, they are being placed in a position where they have agreed to be. They in many cases have left and will leave children behind who will cry and lament their loss of a father or mother. They will seek understanding and will find no solace, until the arms and words of their loved ones explain that they are going to be fine and that when Mommy or Daddy go off to war they are not deserting them, for they know that God holds them in the arms of Heaven, and that they are shining their light strong and sure so that no matter what happens they will always be in God’s embrace.


Remember that many of these children are Indigo and Crystal children. They remember who they are, and in the faces of these ones can be found a light of wisdom and understanding. When they hear the words of truth immersed in love and respect from their families they will recognize their part in this. They will know that as they hold a place in the family for the soldier they hold a place for all of humanity. These children of the light give courage to the ones who choose to sleep for a little while longer. They know who they are, and they know the words to say for those who are receptive.


Give the ones you see the benefit of knowing their nature and their Spirit. Find the light in their eyes that assures you that they understand when you tell them that Mommy or Daddy is doing a service not just for their country, but for all mankind. See the light in their eyes expand and include the choices that are made through their own wisdom. Then watch as they go on into their day being a beacon for others so that they may as well know the nature of the truth that is spoken in the actions of the day.


Take a moment now to see the light that pervades throughout the land and know that as the time draws near for all to step into their roles of change, the Galactic Federation is right here with you. We are at the sides of all who stand on the battlefield, and we are ever ready to honor the choices that they make. Take heart and see the light of truth in the choices they make, and allow that light to permeate every cell, every atom of your body, for it is a gift to all of you.


We stand in rightness of being and we assure you all that as the events of the coming times adhere to the principles of truth, Heaven will be met by all, and Grace will accompany those who fly into battle. Go now into your day and speak the word of truth in every whisper of breath that you take. You are loved and you are honored. Go in peace.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate