Wakeup Call Message
March  01, 2006


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My dear ones have you ever stepped into a rain forest and smelled the decay of the ground covers? Have you found this aroma to be satisfying to the senses, though decay in some other locale may be offensive and troublesome? This is because in the rain forest decay is a part of the natural cycle, and the elementals are giving their input to the process of turning over the soils and the refuge of the ecology.


Is this the way it is with the decay that disparages your peace of mind, the decay for instance of a societal aspect that in different energies could smell as sweet as the decay of the rain forest floor? If so, then this message will be timely for you. If not, this message can be put on the shelf and reconsidered at some other time. When that time comes you will understand the appropriateness of your bringing it back into your awareness.


I AM Hatonn, and on this day I speak of the elements of society that bear witness to the decay of a people that has lost sight of what they came here for. This decay is the regeneration of a society that gives of itself and gets very little in return. This society is one that makes mistakes and then pays for them throughout the rest of their lives. It is a society that forgives only when approached by God to come into His embrace and see the truth of the matter.


As this happens their eyes are opened and they begin to see what has been taking place in front of them and yet they have not seen. It is the distribution of the lies that have formed a societal illusion that seems as real to them as the facts of what they surround themselves with every day. However, what they are experiencing in the society is the grand explosion of the truths that come to bear when the energies of truth come into their reality from The Source. This cannot be denied, for it brings truth with it. It keeps the light on and takes nothing to bring it to the light of day, but to open your eyes and your hearts.


Believe this when I say that the decay that you experience is not real. It is a matter of your mind being persuaded to a direction that your soul does not recognize as truth. As you experience the fortunes of earth life and the fallacies that some would hold to your examination, you see something in which you can make a choice of reality. You see what it is that you have, by your intent, brought for scrutiny and decided to see in a different way. You have seen that the decay around you is for purpose. This is to enable you to see how much you have missed while asleep and how much you can regain now that you are awake and responding to truth.


Come now my dear ones and follow your innate wisdom. Follow that urge to go in a direction that supports and promotes your new growth. See that the decay that you have perceived as putrid and troublesome is now in a turnover stage and as the moments go by the smell begins to transform to an aroma of new birth that is sweet and comforting, as well as being inspiring, for it is the aroma of new life in potential. It is a garden in which new seeds are sown and new sprouts can be seen bursting through ready to be nurtured and tended for powerful growth and instant appreciation.


I see you all going through that new growth. I see you all in the throes of transforming that decay and reaping the new harvest of abundance in every aspect of your life. I see you all turning over the decay of the forest of life and knowing that in the process you are changing the outlook of how society will change and how you will bear in that change.


Go now into your hearts and souls and see the rain forest as the example for what is to come. See the promise that the decay brings and think of it as a treasure that brings about the new promise that builds and grows and represents the ultimate potential in which you will manifest the Kingdom Of Heaven here on earth.


We see you doing this, and we know that your new journey is about to unfold in the manifestation of all that you have been striving for. Enjoy the harvest and go on from here in a whole new light that is the everlasting Light of the Creator.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate