Wakeup Call Message
March  29, 2006


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  Galactic Federation 


“We the people of the united States of America do solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution of these united states and of the world. We gather in these esteemed halls of justice and we lend our energies to the enactment of the thirteen colonies for the righting of the wrongs of loss of freedom and of slavery and we do so with full authority of our unalienable rights. With this justice system in place and with the governance of the people and by the people we do herewith and forevermore declare our sovereignty on this planet earth. We also do declare that we are one with all of humanity, and that none other than ourselves shall reign over our lives in the name and image of The Creator Source, One of All.”


My dear ones, with the above made statement from you, we of the Galactic Federation have gathered within our ships and halls to discuss the freedom that all of you have declared and brought forward. We have seen the rightness of what is intended for the great nation of the united States of America and for all the great nations of the world.


In this we have decreed with the absolution of The Creator Source that we shall in all readiness and with absolute pardon, give forth and execute the freedom measures necessary for the fulfillment of the plan as set down in the annals of the free will experiment.


In this action that we have taken, we follow the example of the majority of humanity and the example as set down in the movement of energies for the betterment of the plan into which you all entered those eons ago. With this example we declare our unity with you and we come to your assistance in every way we are able. Till now we have been able to assist only in ways that keep us from full disclosure.


We have on this day made a decision that is groundbreaking. We have come to the decision to supply the necessary manpower and technology by which you will see the minions who are in governmental positions around the world, fall down and fail to right themselves. They will do so in a way that appeases the feelings of justice and accountability of the people. It will garner the telling of the truths of all of time on planet earth, and this will be carried out with the aptitude and allowance of the ones who carry the information from the various hidden places into the light of day.


As we go about our mission with you we shall employ all of you who step forward in this accountability procedure, and we will allow full openness in the trails of those who follow their inner guidance. This is still a free will society, and in as much as you have asked for our assistance once more in this matter, we are now at the ready to carry it out.


We have already positioned in readiness certain personnel who will be placing themselves in your lives at pertinent times in order to be able to provide necessary funds by which you may carry out your missions. This is to be a variance that is according to the plans and directives set down according to Universal order. We shall come to the front and we will take precedence in matters that are pertinent to this cause.


The changes that have cycled and have found their mark in the energies of earth as she relates to the cosmos have proven to follow the destined influence and have opened the celestial door for this to take place. You should see a stepping up of the revelations in the coming months and as these truths are bared and brought forth for the public to see, we are at the ready to quell any and all disturbances that the minions may try at any moment. They will not be allowed to resist the repercussions of our actions with you, and soon you will see a vast cleansing take place around the globe and in the homes and hearts of all of mankind.


We come to you today in this way to show you example of how we have not been idly sitting by while you find the duress to be far more than you had agreed to. We have been busy with preparations and we come now with our emissaries and begin the final sweep that is to unclothe and sweep out from under the rugs all of the debris from the society of earth that have been present for many moons.


Place yourselves in the positions that you are lead to intuitively, and worry not for all is to be as is intended for planet earth and for humankind. Gaia and all of you shall sing in harmony with all there is and this song shall resound throughout heaven for all of eternity. You are the blessed ones and we salute you.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate