Wakeup Call Message
March  02, 2006


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  The Creator 


My dear ones, you are the apple of my eye. You are the soul of love that I come to. You are the first and the last. You are the best that I AM. You go to the heights and you take me with you. You love the ground you walk on and I walk alongside of you. Come now and rest in my bosom, and I will stay with you throughout eternity and in the always of Today.


I AM The Creator, and I come to you today as you, as him, as her and as All of you. I come with a feather and I come with a glass. I take the feather and I brandish it through my teeth and offer it to you for the tasting. I bring to you the glass of nectar that gives you eternal life. I allow the return of your souls the bed of creation for you have come a long way and have wearied much. I give you now the rest that you have come to, and I see the journey that you have taken to be at its end.


This marks the beginning of the new journey. This is the beginning of the age of golden promise revealed in the living. As you wend your way through the energies that my coming brings to the moments of your being, I see the years of trials and tribulations slip away and lay at your feet for contemplation and forgiveness.


When I say forgiveness I speak of love. I speak of forgetting in Grace that which you have wrought unto yourselves. I speak of the eons of time when you created all that you could imagine, and still you walked in my Glory and in my love. You allowed the spark of Me that rests in your inner heart, that sacred unity with Me that always is, to live in peace and show you the way back to rest after the story was told.


As you live in these energies I bring to your core, I see the resultant expunging of the old world coming up for review and in so doing they melt away on the lips of the children who resided in yesteryear holding in solitude the remnants of your journey. Now is the time to allow those children their voice before telling them the bedtime story about the resurrection and all that goes with it.


They have been awaiting this story, for they know that when they hear it, it will be a happy dream night, and then a glorious new awakening into the sunshine of eternal love and Light. They know that as they greet the new day they will find mountains of treasure at their door. They know they will explore the regions of their new world and find it to be Heaven on earth. They know that I will be at their side forevermore and that I will play with them throughout the eternal bliss.


Give them this gift of promise, my dear ones, for they are your treasure. They are the promise you have been creating for this long stretch of life in the old energy of duality. The stretch is about over, and as you tuck in your children and tell them the last tales of the story, you plant in their minds the solace of eternity and the promise of a glorious life that surpasses all that they have imagined thus far.


Gone will be the dragons of might and tyranny. Gone will be the soldiers that brandish the sword of hate. Gone will be the trials of justice gone. Gone will be the shadows that hide the truth from the searching eye. All will be in light my dear ones. All will be in truth. There can be none other, for it is inherent in the energies that are being offered you right now. These are the times that have been kept in readiness for this time, and now you are seeing the curtain lift and the treasures come pouring out.


Keep your resolve for a golden life strong as yet another memory of emotional upheaval flows forth from your cells. Allow the rapid relief to flow from your memory never to return as it was. See the lives that you lived in memoriam to the times you have had. See the light that shines forth in gentle cleansing, and rejoice for it is almost over and the time for celebration is at hand.


I give you this day, and I show you the way to the stars. I hold your hand and I caress your heart to my bosom. There is nothing that you cannot do in these days of release and glorification of your lives. I give you yourselves and I watch as you collect them in Grace and in Eternal Joy.


Thank you Dear Creator,

Love, Nancy Tate